Daily Archives: March 29, 2011

Sundae, Sundae


Yesterday was the two week anniversary of our adopting our kitty, Sundae.

She’s had a rough couple of weeks.  Moving to a new home, being declawed  (don’t hate: I already hate myself enough for all of us), some complications from the antibiotics.

Motor Man and I haven’t been her favorite people lately, since we’ve been having to give her pain pills and liquid antibiotics.  And we’ve taken her to the vet several times. None of these put you in good standing with a cat.

For the past couple of days, she’s been pretty much holed up under our bed, coming out only for the necessities.

And, occasionally, she’d sit on the windowsill.

So a few days ago,  I ordered a windowsill shelf seat for her. Our previous kitty, Beezy, had one that she loved. When we lost Beezy, I tossed everything kitty-related in the trash, thinking there’d never be another cat in our life.  Wrong.

Here’s the first photo of Sundae on her new seat.  And right on cue, there’s Groom Swan out there – waiting for bread.  And Sundae definitely spotted him.

 She watched.

 And watched.

And watched.

We think Sundae likes her new seat.  Hopefully, she likes it well enough to forgive us for everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks.