Six Words


The prompt I chose on Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop today is quite different from any other prompts I’ve attempted.  It is based on this web-site, and the prompt is to write about a significant time in your life in just six words. I encourage you to visit that web-site. It’s amazing how much you can “say” in just six words.

Here’s my photo, followed by my six word description of that era of my life.

Fourteen. Life is waiting. Let’s go.

Mama’s Losin’ It

24 responses to “Six Words

  1. I love that you added a picture with it. So sweet!

  2. I don’t ever remember seeing this photo. But I’m sure you have lots that I haven’t seen.
    Life seems like an endless adventure to a teenager, doesn’t it? They have no idea how far, how painful and how joyous life’s journey will be!

  3. Great photo and sentiment ~ spent some time reading, and really enjoy your blog! Signing up for posts!

  4. Six words for you this morning:

    Kids are so full of life!

  5. Great idea! Great pic! I tried to work my comment into 6 words, but it’s tough!!

  6. Sweet and so true to how big, and free the world seems at that age! Love it.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s,

  7. super cute photo…
    loved your six words….perfect and so true for a 14 year old!!!

  8. This is just marvelous. I love the picture and the sentiment. It’s so true. You did a fantastic job, Dianna!

  9. Great job! I love the picture to accompany it. I am loving reading every ones 6 words!

  10. Love the purse. What’s in it? : )

  11. oh, that’s perfect! and what a beauty you were/are!!!

  12. Six words says it all. When the number of words is minimized, the power of words is magnified. Great job on that; love the photo!

  13. I love the picture and the 6 words are perfect! Invincible is one I would use for that age. You haven’t changed at all Diana!

  14. Cool photo. Look at the happy teenager rearing to go. Great photo and caption for the challenge. 🙂

  15. Sweet picture — my six words?
    Fourteen, mad crush on tall boy!
    Who, by the way, went on to marry my best friend!

  16. beautiful picture and wonderful memoir to go with it!! You are lovely!

  17. Perfect six words for that photo. These are so fun to read.

  18. Look at you…Gorgeous!
    Love the composition and meaning of this photo.
    The swing set in the background and you with the car in the foreground…looks like you were getting ready to leave childhood behind.
    Wonderful post as always!!

  19. Groovy!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s…

  20. This is such an awesome post! Love the picture and the six words!!

  21. I love! 🙂 Do you know Demi lovato of the Camp Rock, you look like her!

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great picture. Brings back a lot of memories. That was about the time we moved from Surry to Smithfield I think. Give or take a year.

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