It Takes A Long Time…

….to grow an old friend.

And I’m not calling my friend, Bev, old – by any means. In fact, she’s several years younger than me.  But she is an “old” friend, meaning we’ve been friends for a long time.

 I can’t imagine how many hours each of us has cradled a telephone receiver on a shoulder, talking while washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry, housecleaning.  Years ago, we  sunbathed while our children were taking afternoon naps, went shopping too many times to count, and supported each other at doctor’s appointments.

As our children got older, we sort of drifted apart and didn’t see each other as often. Then, a few years ago, we rediscovered our friendship. Since then, we’ve added surviving her daughter’s wedding and vacationing together to our list.

 But one of the most interesting facts about our friendship is this: her birthday is the day before mine. I know, that’s interesting enough, but it gets better. Her son was born the day before my son’s third birthday. And all of us were born in June.

Since Bev’s husband was working late last night, Motor Man took us out to dinner to celebrate our birthday(s). Out of about six pictures he took, this is the only one where one of us didn’t blink.  And I think Bev was oh-so-close.

Happy Birthday, Bev, old buddy, old pal.  Give me a call.

23 responses to “It Takes A Long Time…

  1. Not often you see good friends who are both beautiful!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to the both of you. Good friends are hard to fine, and harder to keep. Enjoy and don’t let it slip through your fingers.

  3. You girls look great. What wonderful memories. Hang on to each other…you can’t beat those ‘old’ friends. Happy Birthday to both of you. Celebrate!

  4. Nothing like these friendships that span the years…have rekindled a very special one of my own recently! Worries me a little that she needed help to survive her daughter’s wedding (my daughter’s getting married in October!) I was thinking I was going to enjoy it…maybe I’m a bit naive!!

    • Adrienne, maybe “survive” was a little too strong. Bev’s daughter was married in our yard a couple of years ago, so I guess I should have worded it that we survived worrying about the weather!! It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful wedding. 🙂

  5. That’s a sweet gesture to have a double Birthday celebration but most of all the gift of friendship is a priceless thing to have and experience. I’m happy for you. great post . The picture shows how much you care for each other.

  6. The picture says it all…you look very comfortable together. Happy Birthdays! Mine is in June as well…but I’m a Cancer towards the end of the month.

  7. Great picture of two special friends. Happy Birthday. Oh, I can say that in person today when we have lunch for your special day tomorrow. Love you.

  8. beautiful picture, wonderful story.
    the sisterhood of girlfriends….i don’t know where we would be without it.
    happy birthday, i hope you have a wonderful day today, i hope tomorrow is even better!!!

  9. how great! happy birthday to all 4 of you!!!

  10. June’s a BUSY month … & I remember being fairly young, and not understanding how I could be the older person when his birthday was a day before mine!! Happy Birthday, Bev !!

  11. Men in our lives come and go but Girlfriends last forever! It’s nice to have somebody special to share your birthday with and I’m sure JR didn’t mind spending it with two good looking girls!

  12. Girlfriends are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life! I’d be lost without mine, too. Wonderful photo & a belated happy birthday 🙂 MJ

  13. Happy birthday to both of you! What a gift to have a very special friend to share life.

  14. A good friend is indeed one of life’s treasures. Hope you both have a wonderful birthday and celebration of growing “up” not old together 🙂

  15. You know you have a true friend when you can lose touch with one another, and then, take up right where you left off!! Happy Birthday to both of you!

  16. What a fun way to celebrate your special day. Happy Birthday to you and your friend! 🙂

  17. You ladies look beautiful in this shot. Happy Birthday to both of you! Friends who have been around a long time are so special.

  18. A very happy birthday to all you June babies!

  19. Nothing like an old, lasting, friend!!! This is a very good pic of you both.

  20. Beverly Dooley

    Thanks for all the comments , it is very true ,Diane and I have a true friendship, and sorry we missed all those years. But were busy catching up. Thanks to Marshall for the birthday wishes. See ya when I get home.

  21. That was so sweet I could just cry. We all need friends like this!

  22. I found my best friend when we were both in our mid 20’s. When we were first introduced, I remarked that her name was the same as one of my daughters. Then she introduced her husband, whose first name was the same as my husbands middle name. We soon realized that we both had daughters with the same name. As our friendship grew, and we found other interesting coincidences in birthdays, choice of wallpaper, etc, we knew that fate had brought us together.
    Here’s to friendship!

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