Learning From Motor Man

Thursday is Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop day. My prompt today is:

5.) Something I could stand to learn from my significant other.

Motor Man has taught me many things in our years together. He taught me confidence to drive on the interstate. (Country girls don’t learn to drive on the interstate.)

He taught me to not be so easily intimidated.

He has taught me to find something to laugh at everyday. And no, it isn’t ALWAYS him.

But the one thing that I still could learn from him is patience.  He has to be one of the most patient men on earth. He takes me shopping, and never complains -regardless of how long I’m gone.

He’s patient with restaurant servers, and when we have to wait at doctors’ appointments.  He’s patient with store clerks. He’s patient in slow-moving traffic. He’s patient when I work on my blog or make cards late into the night.

I guess at times I try his patience. But you’d never know it.

Mama’s Losin’ It


24 responses to “Learning From Motor Man

  1. I so laughed out loud at your first picture … ha! What a goofball … but that 2nd one? I can see in his kind eyes exactly what you just described. Motor Man is lovable … shh don’t tell him :).

    What have I learned from my Virgo hubby? He’s the steady anchor that pulls my Gemini balloons back to earth … I’ve learned to be still, that it’s OK to have routine and that some issues really are black & white (he doesn’t have much room for grey).

    Wonderful post! MJ

  2. Ah patience is something my husband is very good at too. I have improved since having children – they teach me so much! My husband also manages to see the lighter side of everything and puts humour to the most dire circumstances. I am very thankful to him for that (as I can be a bit too serious at times!).

  3. That first photo is hilarious – definitely looks like you two have fun together! I also have a patient husband and I agree, it’s inspiring!

  4. How cute! Loved the last line! He sounds like a wonderful man – and husband! You are very fortunate! I have more patience than Ritchey, but he always sees the best in people and has great empathy for them. And he takes me shopping, too!

  5. I imagine he steers a steady course. And I imagine you both make quite a team. As goofy as the first picture is, I see adoration for you.

  6. You two seem like the perfect couple. Love the silliness in the first picture but in each and every picture I can tell you two adore each other. He has very kind eyes.

  7. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating….JR is one in a million. He could teach all of us patience. AND kindness…he’s one of the most considerate men I’ve ever known!

  8. Very sweet entry! Great shots of you and JR!

  9. People with that kind of patience are incredible to me…What a great man and he looks like a lot of fun too!

  10. The best is when the patience and the humor join forces… jokes can go on for a while ..!

  11. what a sweet man!!! 🙂

  12. Patient, kind, considerate, intelligent beyond words, a wonderful friend and a great jokester. Yep, that’s our Motor Man. Love you JR.

  13. I love Marshall’s comment! Almost chose this prompt, but can’t resist an attempt at a poem ~ my husband is so steady, and has a determination and work ethic that’s to be learned from – for sure!! Plus, he is the sense of humor in the house! Great post….and doesn’t it mean so much to be on the receiving end of loving patience??!!

  14. He is a rare and beautiful man. Blessings to you!

  15. You two are a cute couple, Dianna! He sounds like a keeper, for sure! Have a great day.

  16. He truly sounds like a GREAT man!!! You are very fortunate!

  17. What a lucky woman you are! And he’s a lucky man! I’ve learned a lot of things from my husband but I don’t think patience is one of them. My lessons have been in operating machinery, pulling a trailer behind the truck, etc.

  18. Maybe he could teach mine that incredible patience? Oh he goes with me and puts up with me but sometimes he lets it be known he’d rather be anywhere else than shopping or whatever. =P Then again, I do it to him when constantly shopping coin selling places looking for the next great deal.

  19. Sounds like Motorman is a peach of a teacher and a great fellow. 🙂

  20. all great qualities. sweet post

  21. Sweet sentiments for a guy who sounds fantastic. I could stand to learn more patience too.

  22. Dianne I would love to elaborate more on this individual..maybe I can write something and you can make it a post? He is rare indeed..

  23. Lovely post, Dianna. Are you sure that’s the same guy in both pictures? LOL You are both truly blessed!

  24. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We are both very lucky ladies Dianna, we have wonderful men who have made our lives so much better!!

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