Squab Announcement

And what, you may ask, is a squab? I just learned the word today: a squab is a young (baby) dove.

You may recall my post from earlier this month about a Mother Dove building a nest in my hanging geranium. If you missed it, here’s the link.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the dove nursery. It’s right outside our bathroom window, which makes it easy for me to spy on it.

I’ve heard it said that dove …..how can I put this nicely?…… aren’t the most intelligent of God’s creatures. And when the afternoon sun is bearing down on Mama Dove, and temperatures are occasionally hovering around 100, I have to wonder about the wisdom in her decision to nest in this particular spot.

Either she’s a very trusting bird, or ……not the most intelligent of God’s creatures……, because I’ve been carefully watering the plant all month with her sitting right there on the nest. And she hasn’t moved.

This afternoon, Marshall came by, and while we were out on the porch, I went over to check on Mama Dove. I thought I caught sight of a baby squab, so I went in to get the camera. Since Marshall’s taller and could see the nest better, he took these next two photos.

The camera was less than two feet from her when these pictures were taken.

She may not be…… the most intelligent of God’s creatures……, but she has the look of a proud mama, don’t you agree?

(Note: according to my research, dove have “two squab per brood”, so hopefully, there’s a second baby that we couldn’t see. I’ll keep you updated.)

20 responses to “Squab Announcement

  1. Aw, you’re so lucky to have this rare view of Mama dove and her baby or babies.
    That’s an interesting word, squab. I never would have associated it with a dove baby, for some reason I thought it was a nautical term for a crew member who swabs the deck on a ship. lol
    Great photos. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Mama and her squab(s). 🙂

  2. Awwww…her feathers look so soft!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! She does look proud. How fun to have been able to watch this and to get so close to her.

  4. She trusts you to share her big news with us!!


  5. Maybe it’s not that she’s not intelligent but it’s MOTHER LOVE that keeps her on her nest while you’re watering the plant, taking pictures, etc.
    We know how strong that is!!

  6. Oh that’s so neat to be able to see baby(ies) in the nest!!! Thanks, Marshall, for your assistance!!!

  7. Oh, yeah: she’s not moving. But I know that huge eye of her’s takes it ALL in!!

  8. I think they are pretty nice birds myself. They are not the best nest builders and often the eggs or baby birds roll off of the nest but more than enough of them survive to keep the species going. The males are always larger than the females and the young are always very tender looking. I just posted a kind of Photoshop Lesson and used a Mourning Dove as the subject. Mourning Dove

  9. That is the ‘watchful eye’ of a mother! Great shots!

  10. I’m a birdwatcher and I love this post. The doves are pretty and I’m glad to see that one is raising a baby. It’s interesting that she doesn’t move when you water the plant. Now that’s a really protective mama! Great photos!

  11. I’ve never seen such a young squab. From my bird observation, I always thought the doves were smarter. When the skittish birds fly away at the slightest movements, over and over, the doves calmly sit there and continue eating. They have a peace about them, so it’s no wonder they were chosen to signify Peace. Thanks, Dianna and Marshall for sharing this with us!

  12. Congratulations on the birth of your babies!! You had better luck than I did with the killdeer.

  13. A mother’ love endures…even through the watering and the camera. And by the way, many folks enjoy a meal of squab. What’s there to eat? Looks like a little pile of feathers to me.
    Very sweet pix!

  14. “Dove Nursery”! How cute is that? Ya, and I second the thanks to Marshall for helping out here. Very cool.
    Did you know that the sound of doves cooing calms horses? As I understand it they encouraged these birds to hang out in stables way back in the old days. So while they may not be the smartest of birds they are/were useful!

  15. Isn’t she the sweetest thing??? My swallow babies flew the coop last week when we were on vacation. I am hoping that momma and daddy will have one more “set” of babies this year. We enjoy them so much. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the pictures. She sense you mean her and babies no harm.

  17. I have never seen a baby dove! How enchanting!

  18. I just popped over from Window on the Prairie to see your blog. I love your photos of the dove and your previous post of the sunrise. Good job! I was up early on Sat. to get to a hot air balloon festival…lift off is early but worth it. I loved the silhouette of Mt Hood, since the light was up but not the sun yet. The world looks different then, just a bit after 5 a.m. I am not an early bird except of on special occasions. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Susan Burt Smelser

    Beautiful! and since she found a safe haven, she may be back again next year.

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