Freezing Fog

During our West Virginia trip last weekend, we awoke Sunday morning, turned on the tv and saw the current conditions for Elkins, the town we were visiting:   an outdoor temperature of 29 degrees with areas of freezing fog.

This picture was taken from our hotel room window. Granted, it isn’t a colorful sunrise or sunset shot. It was, however, the perfect illustration for that morning’s weather report.

19 responses to “Freezing Fog

  1. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Looks really cold out there – what a great “mood” shot though….frosty, foggy, frozen morns provide super photos I think – glad you captured one!


  2. I find this picture to be just beautiful! It’s got such a chilly, haunting factor to it that I really like. Great job!

  3. Dianna I love the sparkly beauty of freezing fog WHEN the sun comes out! It’s happened about three times here and it’s different from freezing rain. It’s like a winter wonderland. I think that is a great wintry picture, you made the best out of that morning’s weather report! Great shot 🙂

  4. That a lovely picture in a brrrr kind of way!!!

  5. Freezing fog. What a chilling blanket. Your photo is beautiful.

  6. Makes me want to wrap up even though it’s not cold.

  7. What a chilling photo — I can’t stop looking at it! The lines of the trees are nearly hypnotic, and the shades of gray evoke such a deep sadness. This was really outside the box! Thanks for posting!

  8. Brrrrrr was my first reaction too! Such a great shot ~ add it to yesterdays, and you paint the picture of what that morning was like!

  9. And then I would have gotten back in the nice warm bed! You certainly captured it, beautifully; but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard the term “freezing fog.” Did you go to Blackwater Falls? We witnessed them frozen once. (before I knew to take a camera everywhere!)

  10. one word, brrrrrrrrrrrrr, i’m not even sure it’s a word. it is a wonderful picture!!

  11. it is eerie but peaceful and beautiful too. 🙂

  12. Great picture! I saw this kind of sight too on several mornings this week. One particular morning I was hurrying into a building for a work appointment, The sun was shining, but part of the grassy area outside the building was still shrouded in shade. I happened to look down and there were these massive oak leaves lying in the grass ridged in white, lacy frost. What a gorgeous picture it would have made! Alas for me, I did not have my camera! Thanks for capturing wonderful pictures for us!

  13. The fogs and chilling frosts we’ve been having here in the mid south are really a surprise. Yesterday the fog didn’t lift until around 9 am. This is a strange bout of weather we’re having.
    Great photo. It’s a perfect example of this odd weather. 🙂

  14. Cold, and haunting; the slender trees are great …. “Beware the Pogonip!!” Google it for an interesting read ….

  15. Looks soooo cold!! Okay, off to Google…Marshall’s post above caught my eye! Have a great day!

  16. Brr-rr, makes me dread winter!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a beautiful shot, First time I’ve heard of frozen fog but your picture explained it very well.

  18. Wow. The image is beautiful in it’s simplicity and fogginess.

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