Visit The Hermitage

Today, for Tricia’s Barn Charm, I’m sharing a picture of another barn we saw while on our Fall Foliage trip to West Virginia last year.   This one was also near Green Bank, West Va.

It’s interesting that barns were sometimes used as “billboards” back in the day. This barn and the surrounding property seem to be taken care of rather well. But I’m glad the owner hasn’t painted over the advertisement for “The Hermitage”.

I think I can make out the word “restaurant” below The Hermitage. After doing some online research, I found there’s a Hermitage Motor Inn and Restaurant located in Petersburg, West Virginia  – about 75 miles from Green Bank. It was built in the 1840’s, and, according to the web-site, it’s currently for sale. (Price reduced, in case you’re interested.)

Whether this barn was encouraging folks to visit that particular restaurant or some other attraction by that name, we thought it was a rustic reminder of yesteryear.

26 responses to “Visit The Hermitage

  1. Out west and in Mexico, advertisements can be read on the side of a mountain fashioned out of white rocks. On a long trip, they are fun to read.
    I’m with you…how nice they haven’t painted over the letters.

  2. GReat barn. Once in a while I still see a barn here with advertising on it. I think the ads are really charming.

  3. Love those old red barns! There are a few around here with advertisements on them…one we pass on the way to Manassas is painted green and until this past summer used to have dancing cows painted on the side! Wonder what they were advertising? Maybe happy cows???? Great photo Dianna………


  4. Charming indeed… I like the twin cupolas as well. Have a lovely barn charm day!

  5. Looks like the owner(s) enjoy the reminder of yesteryear in the ad on the barn since ‘they’ haven’t painted over it!

  6. I’ve noticed that living out here the last decade…seems like they advertised on the sides or roofs of barns back then more than they ever did out west. I like it, especially over the way we advertise now…great big larger than life *lighted* bill boards!
    Ahhhh, for a simpler time. 🙂

  7. Great barn…although you seem to see a lot of great barns! I love the old billboard ones you can still read….but it makes me sad for the days gone by….

  8. Great barn. We had a barn down the road from us (because our road used to be the main road from Detroit to Port Huron) that advertised Mail Pouch tobacco. Sadly, it’s long gone now. Many years ago, my husband did a favor for a friend and, as a thank you, his wife (now ex) gave him a painting she had done of that very barn. We’ve always loved it. I think someday we will probably give it to one of her sons.

  9. That rustic, “barn” red is one of my all time favorite colors. And what an interesting fact about the advertising. Makes me think of small town water towers and bridges that often had something painted on them.

  10. I love this one!
    I posted this barn last week. 🙂
    We were in that area the first of October. 🙂

  11. i love it! but i was thinking i’d seen this before! then i read carletta’s comment and went ‘aha!’. 🙂

  12. Carletta posted a shot of that barn last week… that’s so funny! How cool!
    It’s definitely a beautiful barn & thank you for joining this week’s Barn Charm =)))

  13. I like the font they have used for ‘The Hermitage’ (must have been part of the logo for this restaurant?)

  14. .. & it’s also good they haven’t tried to “restore” the advertisement .. that distressed look is part of what makes it what it is !

  15. I started to write about a barn we always passed growing up and I found some wonderful pictures of “Mail Pouch Tobacco” signs. I sent them to you. It also talked about the men who’s job it was to paint them. Thanks Dianna…you helped me find some interesting history where I grew up and some neat pictures to paint!

  16. The barns with ads painted on them are interesting. Eleanar Burns, of quilting fame, has a book of quilt blocks painted on old barns. Love to see that!

  17. Beautiful old barn with lots of charm and the white fence just sets it right off. We have a few barns with ads on the roofs and quilt blocks are being painted on now too. I need to take a barn drive and find some charming barns. The silo in the back is a treat!

    • We’ve got that quilt block barn thing going on in our county here. Hey, Dianna! …could be a thing you could do if you come visit us. I’ve never thought of doing a post on them though I pass by a few of those barns just about every day. I’ll wait for ya – give you first chance! 😉

  18. Dianna,
    I came back to scroll through your older posts and found the barn. I have two or three more. I wonder if we’ll do it again! 🙂
    Just saw the comment above about quilt barns. If you get the chance do that for sure. I photograph all of those I see. The lady who started the quilt barn trail did so for her mother who was from the county I grew up in in WV.
    And now, I’m going. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. Its a great find…I love the old one with advertising on them.

  20. The other day my husband & I was discussing how businesses used to advertise on barns. There’s still a ton of barns around, but there’s only maybe a couple that has advertising. The barn advertising is so much nicer and cheerful than the big gaudy billboards that blank out the landscape.
    Great photo. I, too, like the slight reminder of the advertising. 🙂

  21. My folks advertised on their barn because it was a free way to get it painted. It needs a paint job now. I wonder if anyone has a barn budget anymore?

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great old barn. A piece of history.

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