Old Barn, Old Pick-up

On Sunday afternoon, Motor Man and I went motoring out in the country, down the back roads, in search of old barns.

It was a successful trip.

This old barn has definitely seen better days, but I’m guessing she was a beauty in her day. The diamond-shaped windows in the front are amazing. (You should be able to click on the picture to enlarge it.)

And of course, that old bright yellow Ford pick-em-up truck is quite an eye-catcher herself.

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25 responses to “Old Barn, Old Pick-up

  1. Never seen diamond shaped windows on a barn but they fit nicely up in the peak of the roof. Old truck is the perfect “color accent” out front too!


  2. Wow, that’s a honey of a shot! Love it!

  3. Love the contrast. As bright as that pick-up is, wonder if it might be a restored “old” pick-up. Hard to tell from the picture!

  4. Such a beautiful find! I love that barn. You are so right about those triangular windows. Love, love, love the pick up!

  5. The barn is charming Dianna, but that yellow pick-up is stealing the show!

  6. sweet old barn and love that bright yellow truck….super contrast!

  7. Love those windows …great shot…the yellow truck really makes this barn stand out!

  8. Talk about a diamond in the rough. Unique elements in this lovely photo.

  9. That barn makes me want to wander around inside! Bet Motor Man loved that truck.

  10. That truck just does not want to blend into the background, does it?!

  11. Love the barn and the diamond shaped windows are unusual, but the yellow truck is a scene stealer!

  12. This is sure a real beauty…and I love the yellow truck! This is a great entry.

  13. This is a great barn, very unusual windows. Agree with others, that truck takes center stage. It was a beautiful day for a drive.

  14. The truck and the barn work together to make each other stand out!! I’ve certainly never seen all barns, but I don’t remember ever seeing diamond windows in one… and that old yellow pickup reminds me of a blue one that I used to know 😉

  15. Here’s a barn I would love to paint!

  16. Woah ~ when you blow up this photo, it’s a beauty!!

  17. I love the bicycles on the side! I wonder the last time anyone took them for a spin.

  18. Bee u tee ful, the barn & the truck! Love em both & I sure hope everyone clicks to enlarge this shot to get a good look at both! WoW!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  19. She’s definitely seen better days but still possesses her charm.
    That old yellow truck sure puts a great spin on the scene. 🙂
    My son’s first car was a VW that same color.
    Love the corn stalks in the foreground as well.

    I was wondering when I posted my barn if you had taken a shot of the same one. I still have two or three left from the same area.

  20. Love that yellow truck! A real eye-catcher!

  21. What a great shot! I love the old barn, and having the old truck in front of it just makes the shot!

  22. What a fun contrast between the brightness of the truck and the aging barn. Great photo. It’s a peach all right. 🙂

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The windows in the barm are very different and the old yellow truck just looks it goes with everything around it. Love the shot.

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