Man Nor Beast

Yesterday, for the most part,  was just a miserable weather day here: cold, windy, rainy, damp, dark. As the old saying goes: “not a fit day for man nor beast”.


The two neighborhood fawns didn’t seem to be bothered by the wicked weather. They were, however, on high alert because of some Canada geese in our yard.

Seconds after I took this picture (from the garage window), the fawn turned tail and, as Motor Man would say: “got the heck outta Dodge”.

A short time later, I happened to look out of a window at the other end of the house, and saw not only the two fawns, but also Mama Deer. I apologize for the poor quality, but it was such a cute picture, I wanted to share. Hopefully, you can click it to enlarge.

Apparently deer pay no mind to the “man nor beast” expression.

23 responses to “Man Nor Beast

  1. How wonderful to be able to have deer in your yard! I know they eat things they shouldn’t, but they are so beautiful to watch! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. I think they’re great pictures…..I just never seem to have my camera near when deer pass through our yard – OR, the dog next door barks at them and off they go before I can snap a quick picture even WITH my camera in hand. Thanks for sharing…..deer will have a munch of grass regardless of the weather!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. I guess they knew with the gray weather no humans would be venturing out and walked right out of their thicket for a stroll. Wonderful picture with the geese too, on the left. So cute your wildlife meeting.

  4. That last picture of the three together with the one stretching its head over the other’s back is something. They still look a little wary and befuddled! We didn’t have any geese yesterday but we finally saw our long lost nine turkey! What a peaceful lovely setting Dianna.

  5. They are so elegant and beautiful. I love that last shot. Good job, Dianna!

  6. They looked like lawn ornaments in your first couple of pictures. The babies are almost as big as their mom now. They all look healthy…thanks in part to a safe enviornment…our neighborhood!

  7. Those fawns have really grown…and I agree with Susie…they looked like lawn ornaments in the first pictures….as if they were posing for the camera!

  8. Yesterday was definitely not fit for man but the beasts are having a grand time in your yard. We had geese paroling our waterfront but we shooed them away. Goose poop, yuk!

  9. We very rarely see deer pass through here. I know they’re out there, but they stay mostly in our woods. Once in a great while, they come into our yard (or maybe more and we just don’t see them!).
    Love your pictures!

  10. Nice of them to come for a visit in such nasty weather! My daughter and SIL saw a buck – huge antlers and all – on their way home from out house the other night. 10 minute drive (at the most) through pretty packed residential area…it was quite the surprise!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing that! I miss seeing the deer I used to always see when living in Virginia. It’s such a beautiful state. You are so fortunate to be able to catch glimpses of such beautiful creatures – and have a camera handy, too!

  12. dianna….i have such a soft spot for deer, i believe i may be obsessed!! we have several areas close to home where we can go and visit them but we never see them in our yard.

    they are such beautiful creatures and something about seeing them makes me feel a strong connection with nature, like “humans” have not completely taken over!!

    the ice slide was not that big and it was super fun to feel the lil breeze in my hair!! it’s a wonderful trip, 10 minutes east of washington d.c.

  13. how sweet! the wildlife have no choice about the weather. 🙂

  14. Sometimes the very best days are those looking out from within.


  15. A special Christmas gift for you …

  16. What a wonderful set of photos. I love it when deer bless us with their presence (even if they’re in my garden. 😉 )
    Thanks so much for sharing your enchanting sighting and thoughts of these magnificent creatures. 🙂

  17. Wow, you get some amazing visitors to your garden – super shots, thanks for sharing them. :))

  18. They are brave; I’ll see them in our neck of the woods at all sorts of different times. You had to be tough to be out there yesterday !!

  19. The deer are so pretty. The fawns are growing fast. The sky was wonderful around sunset last night…but those were on the card I failed to download, too.

  20. Nice pictures! We’re seeing more deer now that hunting season is almost over. Have you noticed how the color of their hair changes with the seasons? For example, now that most underbrush is gray, so are the deer.

  21. Great pics. I love deer, even though they are way to plentiful up here in Northern VA!

  22. Nice photos, Dianna. I see deer along the highway quite often in our area and they are frequently seen in our little pasture getting a drink at the pond. Of course in the summer if I have a garden they like to help me harvest the vegetables! They can be a nuisance, but they are fun to watch!

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How lucky you are to see all this wild life. It’s wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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