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Friday’s Fences – And Horses

What is it about the combination of horses and fences that makes for such interesting photos?

Earlier this week, Motor Man and I were driving home and passed by these beauties. It just happened to be during the evening’s “golden hour”, which always adds an extra touch.

These horses belong to my cousin, Betty. We see them in the pasture whenever we pass by, but they’re not normally this close to the road. (You can’t call this a highway: it’s a little country road with a speed limit of 45.)

Motor Man pulled over, of course, so I could take pictures.

I’m sure if Cousin Betty knew we were at the end of her lane, she would have come out to say hay hey.

But her horses and I had a nice little visit. Then Motor Man and I were on our way.

Bye! Tell Cousin Betty we said hello!

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