Barn Charm

My entry for today’s Barn Charm is one that Motor Man and I discovered a few weeks ago on one of our country drives.

We were able to get a little closer.

It doesn’t appear to be in great condition, but it is located on a working farm.

Linking up, as I do every Tuesday, to Barn Charm.

24 responses to “Barn Charm

  1. What a great find! Love the triple silo!

  2. Oh that’s a goodie…..don’t often see three silos either! You and MM are experts at barn hunting for sure!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Looks very neat and tidy but empty. I bet the tractors were out working. I also bet it is being used. Love the triple silo and all the worn looking doors on the front. Very charming Dianna. The faded paint adds to the charm.

  4. You must know all the back roads and country lanes in your region of the country! Love all the barns! My dad’s parents had an old barn on their property, long gone now. But seeing all the ones you post always reminds me of that one from my childhood. Charming theme! ~ Sheila

  5. I thought the same thing…how clean and well kept. And I don’t often notice electricity running to the barns. This place is huge and, I can only imagine, has seen generations of hard work and hard workers…kind of inspiring!

  6. There are plenty of barns in that area…and I’ll bet you’ve seen most of them! With 3 silos must be a large operation.

  7. Wonderful barn and farm. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the wood on this barn…n the three silos are awesome too!

  9. This is a wonderful find! And look at those silos! Must be a pretty big farm. Farming is an expensive operation and I guess the farmers don’t put money into keeping the barns up. A lot of farmers in our part of the country let the wooden barns go and erect the metal buildings that are not so attractive. My own dad did that very thing many years ago. It’s hard to get sentimental about a metal barn!

  10. love the conjoined silos! 🙂

  11. It does look like a big working farm & the barn is fantastic, plus, check out those silos! WoW!

    Thanks a million to you & Motor Man!!! =)

  12. Could this be called a ” trilo ” ??? 🙂 I’ve never seen a group like this before; bravo !! Love the doors on the old barn !

  13. The first thing that caught my eye with this shot is the way they is a continuing roof piece over all of the silos. I have not seen that before. It is really interesting how many things I have learned about barns since I started participating in Tricia’s meme. I just adore it, and have such a good time looking at barns like yours. I also notice two doors for hoisting up the hay…I have only seen one in the past. Your is really a unique barn compared to the ones I see here in our county. genie

  14. Impressive for sure!

  15. I don’t know that I have seen three silos under one roof quite like that…and the barn is an unusual shape too, which I really like.

  16. What a wonderful big barn – it does look it gets a fair bit of use. Great find!!!

  17. It’s got a few good years left, hopefully!

  18. What a lovely photo. The barn is not in the best of shape, but I’m sure that it is very functional and still serves a useful purpose.

  19. That’s a great barn so large and the silos are amazing. Your photos are wonderful. 🙂

  20. Now that’s a barn!

  21. Nice! I like the three silos.

  22. wow, 3 silos… goodness. some one is hungry. ha. ha!! i will be linking up next week. missed out due to being in disney world. take care. (:

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love your first picture. Beautiful colors with the barn and silos.

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