Wordless Wednesday: Mother Goose

In honor of Mother’s Day.

(And yes, Papa Goose was nearby.)

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22 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Mother Goose

  1. So sweet – we have seen several broods (or whatever they are called) of the Canada Goose babies…they are so cute. Yours are very pretty there at the water…love Mama’s reflection!

  2. Little balls of yellow fluff just say springtime, don’t they?

    Lovely photo .. MJ

  3. Haven’t seen as many Canada geese this year as last year….she’s a good mommy!

  4. Very sweet Dianna! And the water and sand looks pretty, the reflections are darling and I think they have shadows too on the sand and Mama Goose’s shadow looks like a big old web foot 🙂 Great capture and it looks from the lighting that you snapped during one of the golden hours!

  5. Awwww…..sweet photo. The babies are so cute!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  6. Absolutely adorable! Perfect shot.

  7. I think the sand looks pinkish and the goslings appear yellow. Here’s a little rhyme to go with mama goose.
    “The goose says, I have two.
    Look what I do.
    I teach them to swim
    along the pink rim,
    my yellow cherubim.”

  8. Very cute! And I love the play on words with “Mother Goose” 🙂

  9. Smiling out loud! You sure caught my attention with this headline! The babies are always the cutest…

  10. I saw baby geese too the other day before I found the swans – I’m struck by how watchful and protective the parents are. I got a shot of the “daddy” goose that said ‘don’t you dare come any closer!” Your shot is much more maternal and peaceful!

  11. itsallaboutpurple

    oh they are just too cute for words. i saw some yesterday!!!

  12. sweet.

  13. They start out tiny, don’t they? Cute picture, and very timely for Mother’s Day.

  14. They make a great ‘set’ … It almost looks like the two goslings are chatting! But Mother’s keeping an eye out ………..

  15. Sweet! We saw a few on the pond ~ at a distance.

  16. Great Mother’s Day photo! Have a lovely Mother’s Day, Dianna!

  17. Awww…cute. Hey, love the shadows and reflections!

  18. Love the reflections – nice! Also gave you an award today. Enjoy!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just so sweet! Perfect for Mother’s Day.
    Dianna hope you have a lovely one.

  20. Oh, so cute! I miss having geese on our pond. They were fun to watch.

  21. Love the golden light in this photo. It’s a wonderful shot!

  22. Love the Mother Goose photo! Thank you for the parade of nature in your blog…always a nice way to welcome the day! ~ Sheila

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