Barn Charm In Carolina

My entry for Barn Charm this week is a North Carolina barn that we pass on our trips to and from the Outer Banks.

Although, obviously, many years have passed since this barn was used, it’s nice to see that the owner is keeping the grass around it mown.

This lane runs alongside the barn. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a sucker for lanes, paths, etc.

The overgrown state made it difficult to determine much about the barn and its surroundings, but I’m guessing these were wooden gates in the fence. I thought they were interesting.

And you gotta love that old rusty tin roof.  If you’ve ever heard rain on a tin roof, you can just imagine being caught inside this old barn during a sudden summer rain. Back when it was in better condition, of course.

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22 responses to “Barn Charm In Carolina

  1. That truly IS a “charming” barn…..perfect for barn charm……!


  2. i love pathways, country lanes too! this is a great little find 🙂

  3. I always smile when I see your barn charm shots. I could find some amazing dilapidation in some of the Chicago neighborhoods that might compare to your old barns, but I’d be afraid to get out of my car to take the pix. 🙂

  4. The rust looks like dark red paint…you could have fooled me 🙂 This is a nice find with its unusual placement of the 2 parts of a wooden fence. It is filled with charm and personality. genie

  5. You do take the back roads on your trips!
    Grandma K would comment about a rainstorm when Charles wouldn’t come in the house for shelter. Where was he? Lying in the hay in the barn she’d laugh.

  6. I am now wondering where that barn is? It is a charming one…
    As for the barn photo rules – it was for my photo club that the rule was B&W…not for Barn Charm. There aren’t any rules for Barn Charm, except that the photos be of barns…our club always has challenges for us photographers!

  7. Old barns have their own charm!

  8. My favorite kind of barn! Wood with the red rust roof. Very charming!

  9. Great find….very rustic n I would enjoy hearing the noise it makes hitting the roof!

  10. i like it. that top shot is great.

  11. Something about those gates leaning up against the barn or fence or whatevery they are leaning on makes me remember the line from the CW song: “Prop me up beside the juke box when I die”


  12. I bet those vines are helping hold it together. 🙂
    I like the rustic look the vines and the old wooden gates give it.
    My grandparents lived in a house with a tin roof. I loved that sound.

  13. One of my most favorite sounds…Rain on a tin/metal roof!
    It’s amazing how so many of the barns out that way have the “support” of the surrounding vegetation!

  14. I like how the barn is in “not-so-great” shape, but the yard around it is perfect! It’s almost as though the old used barn is on display in the middle of a nice green lawn !

  15. Great barn, I like the lane/path, too. Someone put a lot of work into those gates. My in-laws have a tin roof on their old farmhouse. A t-storm in that barn could cause a bad case of goosebumps!

  16. I love how they keep the grass cut close around the barn. It really sets it off! I love the rustic old barns and I bet this one was much used in its day.

  17. That’s an interesting ol barn, fence, & gate… Looks like the inside is overgrown, but you’re right, they’re keeping up the outside! =0

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  18. What a cool find – I love the roof…I’m glad you said what it was, cause it was the first thing I wondered about! And that looks like my kind of a path…just waiting for a nice long walk!

  19. North Carolina and Virginia have the nicest barns – don’t they?

  20. You know if you ever run out of barns to photograph, you can also head in our direction — we have barns everywhere!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A another just pic for Barm Charm.

  22. Perfection in rust- love these old barns. I like the surroundings too.

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