Wild Horses At Sunrise

Recently, Motor Man and I bought an older model Jeep. We wanted a four-wheel drive vehicle that we could take out on the beach down at the Outer Banks. Yesterday morning was its inaugural trip. We set the alarm for  oh dark: thirty 4:30 AM, and drove up past Corolla.

I’ll share the sunrise photos on Saturday for Sunrise Saturday. But I couldn’t wait to share with you what else we saw on our drive up the beach. (Warning: LOTS of photos today.)

I was SO excited to see two of the wild mustangs out enjoying the view of the ocean at sunrise.

Soon, they were joined by a third.

Then, a fourth!

And if this weren’t beautiful enough,

Along came a fifth horse from over the dunes, with the early morning wind in its mane.

Isn’t that gorgeous? As you can imagine, I was beside myself as we just stood there and watched all these horses gather in front of us.

They reminded me of the senior’s coffee club, meeting at Hardee’s for breakfast the morning gossip.

A shot of Motor Man with the horses in the background. As you can see, once we spotted the horses and Motor Man stopped, I exited the vehicle so quickly, I didn’t even take time to close my door.

Proof that you don’t have to be a horse to have a windblown “mane”.

After the horses finished their morning visit, they separated and began walking away.

With photos like these waiting to be taken, getting up before the crack of dawn is SO worth it.

34 responses to “Wild Horses At Sunrise

  1. Stunning shots Dianna, definately getting up at o dark thiry oclock, lol.
    What a sight to see – thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  2. Seeing the horses at Corolla is such a treat! I have not been able to see them at sunrise though! These shots are simply beautiful! And oh, so worth getting up early for!

  3. Oh wow….horses look so perfectly beautiful on the beach – the shots of the galloping horse, mane and tail flying in the wind are stunning. Well worth the pre-dawn alarm I’d say!

    Pam and Sam

  4. I could feel you excitement as I contined looking at your photo’s. It sure is something to be excited about. You captured them real well and the moment. Nice post ….!!!!

  5. A new favorite! I love the big orange ball that the horses seem to be running for. Just gorgeous. I’d get up early for that view any day!

  6. itsallaboutpurple

    All things beautiful come with the rising sun. I can feel your excitement, what a great experience!!!!

  7. Gorgeous! Such a neat thing to see on a beach!

  8. I’m with Renee; that’s a view worth getting up for! Thank you for sharing these beautiful creatures – and photos – with us,

  9. Wow! Great pictures. Motor Man is such a keeper!

  10. The bestest pictures Dianna! How exciting that must have been!! I would have been dancing all over! The lighting is awesome and the horses are beautiful. What a super post this morning. I don’t know about the 4:30 alarm part though… 😀

  11. Magnificent!! That’s one of those things…you know…where you’ve seen something in a movie, or heard so much about it and then you get to BE there for it and see it for yourself!! Magical moment!!!

  12. What a great blessing to witness mustangs on the ocean front! It was no coincidence that you were there at sunrise at the same time as they were…just beautiful shots, Dianna.

  13. As everyone else has said…wonderful pictures. And well worth getting up early!!

  14. i would be ecstatic! what a great morning gathering!

  15. Wow! What a great morning!! I would get up (or maybe just stay up) for this! You sure got close for some great photos!

  16. How fun!!! Great pictures. I bet you were beside yourself! Some of the best times ever and best pictures I’ve EVER gotten was when I got my behind out of bed waaay before the sun came up. 🙂

  17. That is amazing, Dianna! What a beautiful way to start the day. It looked so majestic in the photos; I can only imagine how special it was in person. Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Not many things can get me up at 4:30, especially if night owl me has been up late, but I might make an exception for these kinds of shots! Beautiful photos, Dianna. What a treat to see the wild horses and capture them running along the beach! That looks like so much fun and well worth the early hours.

  19. WOW is right! Everything here came together for the perfect set of pictures !!.. & the ‘early morning’ thing is true; remember the early morning Castle trip ?? 😉

  20. I want to be there! When is the best time for a trip to the Outer Banks?

  21. Oh my goodness I would have LOVED to be there with you to see the wild mustangs…horses and the ocean at the same time…heaven:) Love them…a perfect early morning show!

  22. Beautiful! Horses look so royal don’t they!

  23. What a treat! Great shots of the horses, and did you say there was a sunrise involved, too? lol

  24. Wonderful pictures, so glad you were there. What a great start to a beautiful day. I think the horses were showing off for you.

  25. Oh Wow! I did not know you had wild horses down there! I have seen them in Alberta. They are wonderful to watch, especially when you are on horseback. They get so excited!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Nellies Mom

  26. I love these shots! Do you ever frame your photos? Have you thought of making a business out of this? Not that you should necessarily…but they’re so beautiful that I think they would be easy to market.
    I love the place these take me to…thanks for sharing! ~ Sheila

  27. Oh my gosh, what gorgeous shots! The opportunity to view sights like those in the wee hours of the morning would make even ME get out of bed. Beautiful!

  28. Thanks for sharing the pics of the horses Dianna, I hope you don’t mind that I have snagged them for myself. I love pics of the horses and yours are outstanding!!!

  29. You are so lucky to have your own jeep to go out on the beach at the right time. We’ve been to Corolla but not out on the beach because we don’t have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Do you live in Virginia? We live in Virginia Beach.

  30. What a SPECTACULAR post!! I’ve never been anywhere to see wild horses running, much less running on the beach. That must have been breath-taking! Thanks for sharing. It seems it was very well worth it to get up at dark:thirty a.m. 😉

  31. Rhonda Garcia

    These are breathtaking pictures. I love horses and to see them running wild on one of my favorite places is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely pictures of the horses. I have a friend at work that has a place at Corolla and she sees the beautiful horses often. They are building a new place now and are going to have us over when it is finished. She says they come right up in her yard. I can’t wait.

  33. I would have been so excited I could not have held my camera steady!

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