Another Early Morning On The Beach

Motor Man and I made another trip to the Outer Banks this weekend. And, although we didn’t get as early a start as we did last week, we drove out on the beach Sunday morning.

As we were driving along, we spotted this horse up ahead. As we got closer, we noticed he was pawing at the sand. We wondered why.

Then he flopped down on the beach.

And began rolling over and over.

And over again.

He stood up and resumed his walk along the beach.

As Motor Man watched and waited in the Jeep, and I took continuous pictures, the horse stopped and turned, then whinnied. I looked to see what had gotten his attention.

Aha. That would explain it.

 She joined him on his walk along the beach.

And then up over the dunes. This picture reminds me of the song: “Waitin’ On A Woman”.  I think they were going for coffee.

All told, we saw 25 horses during our trip, including this beauty, who was obviously posing for us.

And this one with a cattle egret on her back. Cattle egrets follow (or catch a ride on) cattle and horses and feed on the insects around them.

Later, we spotted this beautiful family of three.

In case you still had any doubt, that’s it. I’m done. I’m officially in love with the wild horses of Corolla. But I realize my readers might not be, so I’ll try to wait awhile before another wild horse post. At least a week.

24 responses to “Another Early Morning On The Beach

  1. Well I for one am NOT tired of beach/horse/sea shots so don’t stop! It’s ALMOST like being there seeing all that beauty in your photographs…not quite…but close. This charming dating couple heading for coffee is so cute…and that family as well. Life on the beach looks pretty nice for the horses of Corolla (and the photographers who capture them!!).

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Love it! If I can’t be there, at least I can enjoy your pictures, Dianna. They are wonderful. Keep them coming, please 🙂

  3. I never, ever, ever get tired of the wild horses of Corolla! Don’t stop posting photos on my account, please! These are fabulous – makes me want to get up early and take a drive…of course, we don’t have a beach-vehicle, so it would involve quite a lot of driving and walking. Love these!

  4. I agree that I would never get tired of your pictures of the horses. Since I can no longer get to the Outer Banks, your photos are almost as good as being there! Thanks!

  5. Beautiful.

  6. ~happy dance~ What a lovey and fun set of photos. I’ve never seen horses roaming the edge of the ocean before in real life. Thank you for sharing these photos. I love ‘Waiting on a Woman’ and you’re right, that’s what the horses reminds me of too. That Egret is just too funny. You & MM are amazing. 🙂

  7. Janda Mueller

    I love the horse pictures!…I wouldn’t mind if you head to Corolla at least once a month. But you may have to pack me along for a ride on one of those trips! The picture of the male rolling on his back speaks volumes of an awesome trip this time around.

  8. We have lived in Chesapeake since 1992 and I still have not had a chance to see the horse in the OBX! May soon we can make a run there before I leave for the plantation! I sounds like you have a great weekend too!

  9. Well you know I could never get tired of your snaps of the wild horses!

  10. Love seeing the horses! Going for coffee. I never expected a cattle egret in this area! Too funny.

  11. NO! Don’t stop. Keep these horse and beach photos coming! Your blog may be my only “trip” to the beach this year, and these posts just….carry me away 🙂

  12. beautiful. love the black – very pretty head.

  13. These are magnificent ~ and would be hard to get tired of! I LOVE that bird on the horse’s back – I’d never heard of that before!

  14. Love these pictures of the horses!!! You captured some great shots and put some appopriate … well, darn, the word just slipped my mind and I was ready to type it. But I’ll say wording. How’s that.

  15. They didn’t follow you home, did they? You have bride & groom swans, but I’m not sure the property is ready for bride & groom horses!! Awesome pics; especially the roll in the sand !!

  16. WoW….so much to see there, i must go!!

  17. You are killing me with these horse pictures and the ocean…am I in heaven yet? Beautiful as always D…and Sundae…I am sending kitty hugs and loves:)

  18. These moments seem magical. Outstanding capture of a very beautiful rare moment.
    Well done …!!!

  19. I think it is official from all the posts….you can not and must not stop! We are all addicted. Especially loved the cattle egret on horse’s back. When we were growing up we would count how many times the horses rolled over and say that was how much the horse was worth (5 times was 5 hundred dollars) But I would have to say your morning horse rolling over was priceless.
    Continue the beautiful work Dianna.

  20. Who could ever be tired on wild horses on the beach pictures? Not me! Love them! 🙂

  21. Lovely, lovely! I never saw a horse roll around like that! Looks like a dog move! Well, I’m not sure what I like better…your photos of the sunrise/sunset, or the ones of the horses and beach. They are all amazing! ~ Sheila

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Could not be tired of these beautiful animals. I love the wild horses.

  23. Thanks so much Dianna for your kind words about my surgery…things are going great!

    I am so thrilled you got these photos of the horses! When we visited Corolla when our daughter was still living at home (and we lived in Portsmouth then) we saw quite a few of them, and I took some photos of course, and we were thrilled. Then many years later, we took our grandson there, and didn’t see a single horse. I was told they have moved up further on the beach, because of all the over-building of tourist sites that goes on, and that it’s much harder to find them. How fortunate you were! I know you were thrilled! They are wonderful horses and should be protected as much as possible. You got some great pictures!

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