Weekly Beach Update

Motor Man and I once again went to the Outer Banks this weekend. We didn’t quite make it onto the  beach in time for sunrise.

During the course of the morning, however, we did see 31 wild horses.  There was this gorgeous blonde, obviously “with child”.

This Black Beauty look-alike.

A meeting of horse and egret. (I think the horse was saying: “You will NOT ride on my back!“. )

And this Papa horse, who was telling me that I was close enough to his family (be watching this week’s Friday’s Fences post to see Mama and baby horse.)

He who makes horsepower and nature’s horsepower.

We also spotted this red fox, who was very interested in us.

And some amazing cloud formations.

Another morning so worthy of the 4:30 alarm.

23 responses to “Weekly Beach Update

  1. Beautiful! That last shot’s a real doozy! Such beautiful horses of all colors….there’s certainly plenty of material for that camera at the OBX!

    Pam and Sam

  2. For some reason, none of the photos will load for me this morning! I will try again later…and BTW, that museum IS in Portsmouth – I have corrected it! I forgot that we had taken the ferry across to Portsmouth that day…that memory thing again! Thank you SO much for letting me know – I would have hated for that mis-labeling to last very long!

  3. Ok, I had to go back to yesterday’s blog, then come back to this one, and they finally loaded. Simply beautiful photos! The horses are always a treat!

  4. It’s always a treat to see your pictures of OBX….sunrise, and horses…who could ask for more? Hope ‘blonde mom-to-be’ has her little one soon so you can get a photo on one of your next trips.

  5. Beautiful shots, Dianna! Even I would get up at 4:30 for a chance to see all these beauties and that gorgeous sunrise to top it off!

  6. Wow! That “Papa Horse” is stunning! We have some clouds that look like yours this morning but no rain… 😦 Looking forward to seeing Mom and her kid!

  7. Truly magical moments. I wish I could enjoy more sunrises. I am not a morning person. SSsoooo … I will continue to enjoy your very beautiful and fantastic posts.

  8. I would definitely get up at 4:30 for this each weekend! Love the “horsepower” reference 🙂

  9. Your area looks beautiful. My brother and sister lost power on Friday and suffered a terrible storm in Northern VA. You certainly experienced something very different in your southernly direction. Beautiful pictures. How amazing to find wild horses along the coast!

  10. Seeing the little red fox made me think of fox hunting. Fox hunting made me think of chasing stuff. Chasing stuff made me think the only thing I ever chased on a horse was cows. Seeing your post reminds me someday I shall fox hunt! 🙂
    Great shots – all! Can’t wait to see more!

  11. Some beautiful shots, Dianna. The horses seem pretty tame, or are you using your BIG telephoto lens? What a great place on the planet!

  12. So pretty! Love that last shot…and the mama horse…and the fox spotting!

  13. you’re addicted. 🙂

  14. your cloud formation photo is just gorgeous. I also like the Daddy Horse……….I cannot believe you get to see wild horses running free!

  15. Looks like a missed a great day of nature on the beach! I am amazed at all the great shots you got. Tell JR that jeep was a wonderful addition to the family!

  16. So many great ones here!! Papa Horse was getting the point across, I think! Lookin’ forward to Friday’s post!

  17. Great pictures! I want to go down soon to see the horses!

    Will you help us Save our History?

  18. That black horse is a beauty, and I like Papa, too–couldn’t miss that tail swoosh! 31 is a lot of wild horses; and those clouds are very unusual. 4:30? That isn’t even on my clock! lol

  19. Wow, beautiful pictures!! I had no clue there were wild horses where you are. Awesome!

  20. I’m really wishing we had a 4-wheel drive vehicle so we could go see the horses. We go to Chincoteague, but sometimes the horses are so far away, you can hardly see them. Sometimes they are nowhere to be found. Would love to see them on the beach. Great pictures!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great great shots.

  22. Love all the photos of the horses! Now you need to go back and get one of the little colt and show the before and after of the mare, and then the mare and colt…that would be fun! ~ Sheila

  23. I love super early mornings… most people don’t realize that life is more real when the air is more brisk.

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