Daily Archives: August 7, 2012

Barn Charm (And More)

As I mentioned last week, Motor Man and I travel to Cambridge, Maryland every summer for a boat race. Back in 2009, (before I was blogging or had ever heard of Barn Charm), we discovered this barn as we were exploring the back roads near Easton.

This next picture of the barn was taken during our trip last week.

But even more amazing is the transformation of the house on this property. This was in 2009, when it had just been moved to this location.

The house in 2011.

And as it looks now (from the other side). I can’t imagine the expense involved in moving and renovating this house.

Two years ago, there was a For Sale sign in the yard. That’s no longer there, but the house appears to still be vacant. Every year, we drive an extra few miles just to pass by this property. And every year, I look for signs that someone is living there.

Maybe next year…

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