Daily Archives: August 30, 2012

Sundae Says…Thanks, Y’all!

Hi, it’s Sundae, helping Motor Mommy say thanks for some blog awards we’ve she’s received.

Recently, my boycatfriend, Sam, One Spoiled Cat,  AND Texas, a new friend that I met through Sam’s blog, BOTH presented my Motor Mommy’s blog, with a new award.

It’s the Thinking Of You award, and I we think it’s beautiful.

Here are the rules for accepting this award.

  • Link back to the sender (I’ve linked back to Sam and Texas)
  • Tell seven things that I love and that I think about daily
  • Pass the award to seven other blogs

Here are seven things that I love and think about daily:

1. Food (that’s probably the first thing on ANY kitty’s list)

2. My family. Motor Mommy and Motor Man are SO good to me. And my human brother, Marshall, takes good care of me if my pawrents have to go out of town overnight. Marshall’s a sweetheart.  Isn’t he handsome? >>>>>>>>>>>>>

3. My window seat that looks out over our back yard. There are birds, butterflies, deer, rabbits, squirrel, ducks, geese, and swans that I can see from my window. What a view!

4. Naps. I love to nap. On my window seat, on my pawrent’s bed, in their recliner, on the living room chairs, on the sofa.  I’m really not too picky.

5. My blanket. If you missed my post about this, you can read it here.

6. Tummy rubs. I especially love the first ones I get when Motor Mommy and Motor Man have been away for awhile. I lie in the hallway and create a feline roadblock til I get some attention. Marshall also falls for this obliges me with tummy rubs when he visits.

7. The view from the bathroom window.  I’m thinking Motor Mommy will break down soon and order another window seat for me. My other one looks out on the back yard, but sometimes there are things in the front yard that need my attention. Right now we’re improvising with a towel in a chair. (Kitty fur, you know.)

Now, the difficult part of receiving blog awards: deciding which bloggers we’d like to nominate. Here’s my our list:

1.) Mama’s Empty Nest

2.) The View Out Here

3.) It’s All About Purple

4.) Ellie’s Place

5.) Georgette Sullins

6.) The Road Awaits

7.) Chillin With Jill

I know we’re all busy, but do me a favor and visit at least one of these blogs, okay?

I we would also like to thank our good friend, Nellie, at Cat From Hell.  Nellie nominated our blog for the Kreativ Award. We already have that one, but Nellie said she wanted to nominate us anyway. Thanks, Nellie, for thinking of us. We think you’re pretty special too!

And now, I’m off to have a purr word with Motor Mommy about that new window seat.