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Horse Barn Charm

(Before I get to my Barn Charm photos, I have two little tidbits of information. First, I can’t take credit for the quote used in my “Love And Butterflies” post yesterday. I should have mentioned that in the post; however, I don’t know the author, so I’m not able to give credit where it’s due.

Second, I apologize if some of you have received “security certificate warnings” while on my blog.  WordPress has apparently had some problems in that area, but no one seems to know what the issue is.  Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Now…on to Barn Charm!)

Although most of the barns featured on Barn Charm are old (and I must say that those are the ones that appeal the most to me), today I’m sharing what is obviously a  fairly new barn. This one is located near Cambridge, Maryland.

This one doesn’t appear to be on an actual farm. Although we couldn’t see any horses from this distance, we guessed it to be a horse barn.

The road continued on around the other side of the property, so I was able to get shots from different angles.

I have to wonder if MANY years from now, someone will be featuring this on Barn Charm as an old, dilapidated structure. Hopefully not.

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