Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

Sailing On The Wolf

Last week, the townfolk were all abuzz about the Schooner Wolf visiting Smithfield. The ship cruised by our house and on into town last Wednesday during high tide, but it was too dark for me to get good photos.

The ship was open for dockside tours during its two-day visit, but because the water in our area is so shallow, it wasn’t possible for the crew to take passengers on a sail. But Motor Man discovered that, upon leaving Smithfield, the ship was traveling to Portsmouth (about 45 minutes away), where they were offering a sunset sail on Sunday. As you know, we’re always up for an adventure.

Sir, do you have a license to operate this vessel?

Well, obviously they’ll let anybody sail this ship.

Motor Man.  Always making life fun.

It was a very comfortable trip with perfect weather. The captain and I chatted for awhile. Wonder who’s at the wheel now?

And, of course, I took sunset photos – this time from a sailing ship.

The lights of Portsmouth as we were nearing the end of our sail.

And The Wolf, back at the dock.

The crew is planning another visit to Smithfield next summer, and hopefully will be able to work with the tides to offer a short cruise (not sail) in our area.

Yes, our names are already on the list.