Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Feeding The Stock

My sister, June, who’s a few years’ older than I am, remembers visiting our grandparents and hearing our aunts and uncles, who owned nearby farms, saying they had to go home to “feed the stock”.

She remembers wondering what “stock” was.

Now, I laugh and tell her that I’m feeding the stock at our house. We’ve been feeding the swans for a long time, but recently, we’ve added some other breakfast, lunch and dinner guests.

A month or so ago, I began feeding corn to a few ducks.

I even sprang for fine china for them, so they wouldn’t have to eat off the ground.

Apparently, word spread quickly among the duck community.

And I had to increase their number of place settings.

Sometimes they have a dinner guest.

Hmm. I wonder if they ever get the feeling that they’re being watched?