This And That Thursday

Today I’m sharing some recent random photos.

Sunday morning, the bee-line for breakfast: Groom Swan, Bride Swan and assorted unnamed ducks.

swans in morning

Yesterday was an overcast day with off-and-on sprinkles. Late in the afternoon, the skies began to clear.


Sundae, in one of her favorite hang-out spots – “outside the railing” of the loft in our bedroom.

sundae in loftAnd, in case you’re missing the sunsets here on These Days, here’s a picture from last week.

sunset reflection


15 responses to “This And That Thursday

  1. Great photos as always Dianna! Love the breakfast parade…..and that last shot is beautiful – but ALL the photos are lovely…..Sundae is ALWAYS gorgeous from any angle!


  2. Hello up there, Sundae. It’s been drizzling off and on here, too. The sunset reflection is beautiful.

  3. It is sooo good to see Bride and Groom swan. Love the picture of the boats in their slips. That picture of Sundae has me wanting to ask you about your loft….

  4. Now you need to show your stamping loft!

  5. ooh. first and last shots. yummy!

  6. It looks so peaceful there.

  7. A great collection here! – Sundae’s presiding over all 😉

  8. Every photo made me smile — that was a great this and that Thursday!

  9. “This and That Thursday”…that’s got a great ring to it! The first picture hit me as a parade as well and I really love the last one. So peaceful.

  10. I so enjoy the antics of G&B Swan and their friends. Your photos are amazing. What lovely posters and wall photos, your photos could make.
    Sundae is such a fun gal. I don’t blame her, I bet she can see most of the house from her perch. lol 🙂

  11. Gorgeous photos, D! Makes me feel so at peace…:)

  12. Love that bee-line for breakfast. It’s nice to see bright sky again as a storm moves away. Sundae has a bird’s eye view from up there. And your sunset reflection is just beautiful.

  13. Love these random photos! Like some of the others, I thought of a breakfast parade. Sundae must love her bird’s eye view!

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great group of pics and Sundae is always a plus!

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