Friday’s Fences – A Vintage One

My Friday’s Fences entry this week is an old family photo.

These are two of my first cousins on my dad’s side of the family. There’s no date on the picture, but I would guess it was taken around 1930 or 1931. And perhaps on a Sunday, since the boys are all dressed up, including ties.

allie jr and th_Snapseed

On the left is Allie Hinton, who was born around 1924. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 82.

The little fella on the right is his brother, Thomas Henry.  Sadly, Thomas only lived to be about six years old and died in 1934. I’m not sure of the reason for his death. My sister thinks she recalls hearing that he had diptheria.

A third son, Edwin, was born to Allie and Thomas’s parents in 1936. But the family would experience another tragedy in 1953, when Edwin was killed in a car accident.

This picture was taken in my home town of Bacon’s Castle, and in the background is a little country store that I remember well. It was demolished in 2008.

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27 responses to “Friday’s Fences – A Vintage One

  1. My mother-in-law’s name was Allie Karine. Like me she was named for a man, her father, me my grandfather. She was the one who taught me how to make gravy. It’s an unusual name, but probably more popular in her generation, the one in the photograph. Handsome boys in their Sunday best. If you do a blog2print, this I imagine would go in the family book.

  2. Love the top photo (and fence!)…..your cousins do indeed look like they’re dressed in Sunday finery. What ever happened to good old country stores? The smells, the penny candy (!), the wooden floors creaking as we walked across them…..memories are grand and so are these photos!


  3. So much history and many memories Dianna. Such sadness for that family. I do think that is a sweet little fence for Friday Fences with those two little boys holding hands. In the background at the store I think I see a sign with a star! Which gas was that? The Texaco star?

  4. I noticed that Texaco star, too! Love this vintage photo!

  5. Now this fence is not only pretty, but it looks like it served the purpose of keeping out critters. Wonder if they still make these!

  6. mollieandalfie

    That was so sad.. Love the old photo and fence though 🙂 Have a wonderful Friday xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. What a great old photo. I’ve been looking through photos from my parents and really enjoying those vintage pictures. I noticed the Texaco star too and yep, I sang that jingle to myself. LOL We’re not getting old, we’re getting vintage. 🙂

  8. Family history is precious — I’m glad that you’ve collected up so many of your heritage stories to pass on down to the next generation. How sad about the two other brothers…seems like families lost more children in the old days. 😦

  9. Uncle Allie took the death of their second child so hard that he died within a year or so. For Georgette, Allie was a family name for generations but Allie, Jr was the last with that name. He never married and had children. Times sure have changed since TJ and Allie, Jr, dressed up in their Sunday best for church.

  10. Pictures like this are so very special, and even more so since you know much of the history of the family. The fence is charming and so is the whole post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. so sweet. and tragic, too.

  12. I love the stories old pictures tell.

  13. Great vintage selection! I don’t recall hearing these names before – it’s always good to see the photos of the old days in Bacon’s Castle 😉

  14. Thanks for sharing your story.

  15. Oh such a sad tale. I love the fence it reminds me of my Uncles about that same time. That is a fantastic photo. Love reading family history. B

  16. Such a lovely older photo! The little boys are precious! How sad the younger one died at an early age.

  17. We had that same fence around our house when I was growing up. Haven’t seen one like that in ages….and I am showing my age!

  18. This is a blast from the past for me…we had a fence just like that in the yard of the house I grew up in. sad story behing this shot.

  19. Such a sweet photo, but how sad about the little boy! And then to lose yet another! Tragic.
    I like the fence!

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I remember that store to Dianna, but I can not remember the name? I love the old pictures.

  21. Great old photo, and so sweet of the two boys holding hands. Made me sad to hear of the tragedies.

  22. Aw so cute handsome boys. What a bittersweet life their family had.
    You’ve done a great job of documenting family memories and histories. 🙂

  23. Wonderful vintage photo! I love the way you find so many very different fences in so many different contexts.

  24. Congratulations! I nominated you for “Blog Of The Year 2012” Award. Follow my link and it will fill you in on the rules and details. Congrats and Enjoy!

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