Sundae Says… Here’s What’s New

Hello, everyone! Sundae here with the latest news from our family. Yesterday, Motor Man and Motor Mommy went on a day trip to Sperryville, Va. to spend some time with the pawrents of my boycatfriend, Sammy.  They did a little antiquing and had brunch together. Here’s Sammy’s Mom, Pam, with Motor Mommy, outside the restaurant.

db and pam

It was snowing in Sperryville! Here are Sam’s pawrents. You can see the snow on Dave’s jacket.  Aren’t they a sweet couple?

pam and dave

And here are my pawrents. I think they’re pretty sweet too.


 Anyway, enough about them. Now for my news: through the magic of the internet, I’m on a camping trip in Vancouver! My boycatfriend, Sammy, is hosting it, the place is packed, and we’re all having a wonderful time.

We arrived and set up our tents yesterday. (Mine is right beside Sammy’s, of course.)  Isn’t it a beautiful location? By the way, there’s a best decorated tent contest over at Sammy’s blog. If you’d like to vote for mine, click here.

sundaes tent.221582252997905021362754402093[1]

We’ll be here at the camp today and tomorrow, and then, tomorrow night, we’ll be camping on the beach at Pacific Rim National Park. Sammy and I went to check out the beach yesterday afternoon, and he snapped this photo of me, catching some rays. (Yes, of course, I was wearing sunscreen!)

sundae catching rays.com13633746141071

Well, gotta run! There’s so much to do here at  Camp Sammy!  =^.^=


21 responses to “Sundae Says… Here’s What’s New

  1. Whoop whoop. Whee are loving Camp Sammy too. Would you like to come for nibbles in our tent (no whee aren’t eating Nibbles but whee are offering refreshment and some time out of the sun to prepare for the big campfire!)

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  2. Oh my I’m laughing out loud! Motor Mommy is having way too (cross out) so much fun on this virtual trip! Voted…yours is the best campsite!

  3. This is such a fun post this morning! You all look great and I love the smiles!! Sundae you did excellent on this post, just excellent. I bet your parents and Sam’s parents had good FOOD at the brunch! Love your tent, hmmm I see you have wine.. 🙂

  4. Oh MY dying, just dying!!!!!!! I just noticed the four flip flops…. 😆

  5. I want to go camping with Sundae! ❤

  6. I’m glad our pawrents got together to keep each other entertained while you, me and all our blog buddies are having fun at camp! You look quite fetching on the beach Sundae….but then you ALWAYS look fetching!

    Love, Sammy

  7. mollieandalfie

    How wonderful, Pam said she was going to meet up with you. We are having such fun at camp Sammy, we love your tent 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Gosh what fun! I wish I could send Olivia to Camp Sammy — she’s got terrible cabin fever…

  9. enjoy your spring break! don’t be doing body shots or getting a tattoo, now!

  10. “Snowing in Sperryville” – I still say that sounds like a book title 😉
    It’s good to see Pam & Dave again!
    Hope the camping trip is fun!

  11. What fun you have Sundae – and your parents too! Great pictures and I do love your tent. 🙂

  12. Oh Sundae – don’t forgets mes woulld like yous and Sammy to stops by my cabana for niptini hour. Wes has some wonderful fresh seafood for supper too! Then later, we could has a fire on the beach

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae I am so glad you, Sammy, and your friends are having fun camping. Looks like the pawrents had fun to in Sperryville.

  14. Sundae, you are having too much fun! Cute tent.

  15. Sundae, thanks for sharing your cheerful and fun updates. Looks like your folks had fun and you & Sammy had a peach of a time. I really like your camping set up. You are adorable in those cool glasses. 🙂

  16. Sounds like fun for everyone!

  17. That’s so nice that you got to meet up with Sammy’s mum and dad!
    I’ve had superfun at camp and glad to see that you have too!

  18. Sundae, you look terrific!

  19. Nice tent! Find any nice antiques?

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