Dads Of All Ages

During my growing up years, Father’s Day was just another day around our house. Both grandfathers died before I was born, and my dad died when I was a baby.

These days, though, our family includes lots of guys celebrating being dads.

A Father’s Day celebration took place yesterday at Motor Man’s parents’ house. Here’s Pop, waiting for everyone the great-grandchildren to arrive.


A little while later, Christian sat in Gee-Gee’s lap for a few minutes.

pop and christian

Christian with his dad, Walt.

walt christian2

Josey pulling his dad, Chris, in the wagon.

josey pulling chris

Although Motor Man isn’t officially a dad, later in the day, Marshall and I presented him with a gift toy: a radio-controlled race boat. (A friend asked me if he will be “souping up” the engine……probably.)

jr and marshall 6-16-2013 8-40-23 PM

The weather was perfect, and it was a fun day spent celebrating our dads of all ages.

18 responses to “Dads Of All Ages

  1. Looks like a very wonderful Father’s Day celebration…….of course when I show David this post he’s going to want one of those boats too…..boys will be boys!


  2. Looks and sounds like all of you had a wonderful day! CH has always wanted one of those motorized toys. A boat, a plane.

  3. That first photo was my favorite; a real “aww” moment.

    Looks like a grand day!

  4. Looks like a great day! Ellie

  5. Glad you are finally surrounded by dads. Nice.

  6. And don’t forget Ed always said you could consider him your dad when something was going on at school….like making something for your dad for Father’s Day.
    I’m always sad that you never got to know our Dad…he was a wonderful father. Hugs….

  7. So much fun with so many dads! Dads are a blessing no matter their age! 😀

  8. What a wonderful day – full of generous, strong men! So great to be surrounded by such love!!

  9. sounds like a great day and the perfect gift/toy for mm!!

  10. i like the ‘souping up’ part. 🙂

  11. What a wonderful day! Me thinks Motor Man could gets that boat to goes SUPER fast!

  12. A fun-filled day, for sure ! Great pics, and I can’t wait to see the Boat “souped-up” !! Happy Father’s Day, again !

  13. I love the picture of Pop waiting for the great-grandchildren to arrive. The picture beautifully portrays the wonderful anticipation. I visited an elderly friend earlier this evening, and she was waiting for me at the door in almost exactly the same pose.

  14. Great photos. I imagine Motor Man will have some fun with the boat, though it’s a tad large for the bathtub.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How great to have all these Dad’s around you Sunday. The gift you and Marshall gave JR was perfect. I bet he has already had it outside and in the water. Enjoy the week.

  16. A truly special Sunday with all those wonderful men in your life! 🙂

  17. Love the fun and smiles with Dad’s of all ages for the a special and precious celebration. 🙂

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