Friday’s Fences: More From Maryland

Why, yes, now that you mention it, it has been awhile since I posted pictures of horses. I believe I can remedy that:

b fence2 7-28-2013 4-47-25 PM

These photos were taken during our trip to Cambridge, Maryland a few weeks ago. Motor Man and I had taken a wrong turn in town, and ended up out in the country.

b fence3 7-28-2013 4-47-40 PM

But, sometimes, a wrong turn can be fun…

b fence1 7-28-2013 4-47-07 PM

…especially when horses and fences are involved.

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14 responses to “Friday’s Fences: More From Maryland

  1. Pretty horses! Love white manes and tails…….


  2. I love those old posts…Looks like they have been there a long time! And yes, I agree — wrong turns are fun!

  3. Wrong turns drive me crazy AND then I turn out loving them because you do usually find something interesting! Pretty horses. Nice Friday Fences!
    Good Morning Dianna!

  4. Horses and fences…great way to end the week.

  5. a pretty wrong turn!

  6. It’s almost like the horses were there to greet you! Lovely wrong turn!

  7. Definitely a two-for-one! – and I like the setting, too; the trees and the field in the background …

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I make wrong turns all the time when we travel and find the most special things. Good job! The beautiful horses and the fence go well together. Hope you and JR have a good weekend.

  9. I know for you this is called “equine therapy.” 🙂 Lovely.

  10. i know you enjoyed that. 🙂

  11. Always like it when fence shots include life!

  12. It wasn’t a wrong turn, it was your horse GPS kicking in. 🙂

  13. That wrong turn turned out some great photo ops!

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