Barn Charm – Encore

This barn is located just a short distance from Motor Man’s parents’ home. Although I’ve shared pictures of it here before, I think these two shots from Sunday afternoon make it worthy of a “repeat performance”.

red barn1 8-11-2013 4-56-37 PM

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, storms were in the area as we were driving home from the beach.  When we passed by this beautiful old barn, and I saw the dark clouds in the background, I thought it would make for an interesting picture. I grabbed the camera, lowered the window and clicked, and Motor Man didn’t even have to stop the vehicle.

red barn 2 8-11-2013 4-56-38 PM

Old red barn, please take a bow.

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16 responses to “Barn Charm – Encore

  1. Spectacular clouds……!


  2. The clouds make it almost spooky looking LOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. What a beautiful barn! I love the red against the stormy sky.

  4. The clouds make for a very inteeresting picture. Is that barn still in use? It sure is in good condition compared to most barns these days.

  5. The clouds make this barn all the more interesting!

  6. Very pretty! Charming barn with the stone foundation.

  7. A round of applause for the Old red barn ! Awesome barn & cloud photos !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Oh my goodness! The clouds really make these photos very interesting.
    Good catch.

  9. It’s a really beautiful red barn. That long row of windows is nice, too.

  10. That’s an amazing shot! The barn is a beauty and the clouds really make the shot!

  11. Shooting on the fly! Your skill amazes me.

  12. That is an excellent shot… and to think you did it whizzing by. Or did he slow down a bit! just kidding.

  13. He probably did slow down a little, Latane. As I replied to Patti’s comment, it’s definitely the camera!

  14. This could not be better…I love the barn….and that sky is just a wonderful background.

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