Our Sunday

It had been a few weeks since Motor Man and I went to the Outer Banks. So, shortly after waking to this gorgeous sunrise yesterday morning, we headed south.

sunrise 8-11-2013 6-32-04 AM

It was a beautiful morning on the beach.

seagrass 8-11-2013 12-22-00 PM 8-11-2013 12-22-00 PM

We saw 29 horses in all, including this little one and its dad. (Photo was taken with my long lens; we weren’t this close.)

baby and dad 8-11-2013 12-37-34 PM

Although we never saw what it was, something had this stallion’s undivided attention.

stallion1 8-11-2013 12-17-05 PM

Typical for this time of year: by the time we returned home later in the day, there were storms nearby.

clouds 8-11-2013 7-28-57 PM

How was your Sunday?


16 responses to “Our Sunday

  1. Good morning
    Beautiful pictures deserve the many likes.
    I have subscribed to, if you’ve subscribed to me you can see better better the older posts in the reader, the eye is known with.
    Wish you many Umarmungen.Herzlichst Andrea nice Monday,

  2. Beautiful!

    My Sunday was spent with the Grand kids, making forts, brownies, buying school supplies and then stirring up some slime (which they loved). It was a happy, good day 🙂


  3. Wow – what a difference a few hours makes in the view from your house! The beach looked quite beautiful with horses as a bonus……


  4. I knew the pictures were going to be special. With the view from your back deck and the OBX horses…can’t ask for anything more!

  5. We had recurring thunder mixed with showers and some lightening. It feels like maybe the weather is starting to try to change. 79 degrees in the evening. Have another lovely day.

  6. oooh! The photo of the ocean and sea oats is so pretty. That should be in a frame.

  7. Perfect way to spend a Sunday!

  8. Oh my, how I love this! We didn’t get a beach vacation this summer, so I count on you for my “beach fix”.

  9. glad you got to soak in some horse time, but WOW that 2nd shot!!!

  10. We watched Nights in Rodanthe at some point yesterday ~ I thought of you with the beautiful beaches and the horses running by at the end of the film!

  11. Awesome first shot! Sorry you came home to storms but such a beautiful picture!! We enjoyed some sunshine, family and some time under the Oaks!

  12. The second one here is definitely my fave ! … but I also like the sunrise beginning and storm ending … “bookends” style 😉

  13. You must feel so renewed after such trips to the beach and visiting those gorgeous horses. I was having one of my “slothful” days yesterday. Rainy days have the effect. I envy you that beautiful sunny morning and the equine connection.

  14. We had a beautiful Sunday here too! Perfect weather, blue skies, spent most of it outdoors enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. And (you’ll like this), we saw two folks on horseback riding along a trail at a state park. Every time I see a horse, I think of you! 😉

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely Sunday you had. Pictures are great. We had some rain and storms but had a good Sunday any way.

  16. Beautiful horses. Glad you were able to go.

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