A Visit From Karen

No, “Karen”, in this case, doesn’t refer to a friend.

We are experiencing the remnants of “Tropical Rainstorm Karen”.

I ventured out on the balcony yesterday in the wind and rain to take a couple of photos.

tide 10-9-2013 3-10-13 PM

Thankfully, it hasn’t been, and isn’t expected to be, as bad as other nor’easters and hurricanes we’ve had.

Last year, Motor Man built a little walkway for me to stand on to feed the swans and ducks – when they’re actually IN the water. (We aren’t allowed to have a dock, so this just “sits” on top of a large drainage pipe.)

db swans ducks 8-24-2013 4-09-28 PM

I’m hoping it doesn’t wash completely away with the tide. But, at the time this photo was taken yesterday afternoon, things weren’t looking too good.

walkway 10-9-2013 3-10-17 PM

We much prefer visits from our FRIEND, Karen.

karen 7-9-2011 2-09-19 PM

17 responses to “A Visit From Karen

  1. Well, THIS Karen is definitely not OUR friend, Karen W. We need the rain but could do without the wind….hope your yard isn’t completely destroyed….I know you dread the clean-up afterwards!!

  2. Wow! that water really gets close to you!! EEK

  3. Gosh – looks like you can say bye bye to your feeding station by the water! Hope it doesn’t creep up any closer to the house!


  4. Eeeks, that looks pretty close. Hope that naughty watery stuff stays away

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  5. Take care. That is so close.

  6. Hope it is starting to go down!

  7. hope you dry out! I love feeding duck! It is our Mississippi River Day fav!

  8. Keen’s Park under water! Did it leave behind and treasures? I remember when it used to do that Adam would go over with his wagon and collect junk…I mean treasures!

  9. wow! lots of water! wish we could take some from you.

  10. It’s very gray and ominous today even here in the “Valley.” My weatherman is Bill and he thinks there will just be a lot of rain. Stay dry and cozy inside and don’t worry about the Swan platform.

  11. Yep, our friend Karen is much cooler 😉
    Thankfully this one won’t be as bad as other nor’easters in the past..
    .. & I know Motor Man will build you a new ‘walkway’ !

  12. I just hope it doesn’t wash that sweet bike away!

  13. Take care! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you don’t have any storm damage.

  14. There’s been a lot of flooding in low-lying areas, but it hasn’t affected us much. Except it insisted on raining on me as I ran errands and got groceries yesterday!

  15. I am so bummed about this rain because we have friends visiting who expected to spend their days at the beach. They came in April, and the same thing happened.

  16. Yikes! Hoping blue skies and sunny days return soon.

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I hope the storm did not do to much damage to your yard. Wishing for sunshine and no rain this coming week.

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