Yes, I CAN Drive a Stick

After more than a week of rain, the sun came out Monday afternoon. I used the time to rake leaves out of the flowerbed, and then swept around the edges of the bed.

Later, as Motor Man and I were leaving for our dinner date, I noticed this.

broom 10-14-2013 5-06-26 PM

I laughed and said: “Oops, I forgot to put away the broom. It looks like I just flew in.”. And Motor Man replied: “Yeah, looks like you just put the kickstand down and left.”.

It brought to mind this FB photo that makes the rounds this time of year.

drive a stick


15 responses to “Yes, I CAN Drive a Stick

  1. Very cute! 🙂 (Smiling)

  2. Too funny!

  3. Bet it was a surprise to see your broomstick right where you left it!! LOL!

  4. laughing out loud!!! too dang funny!

  5. Ha!! That was very funny!! 😀

  6. Good one ! – sort of like “my other car is a broom” 😉

  7. VERY NICE Praktisch…..

  8. I thought it was yard art, like a sculpture. We had a wee bit of sun this morning, but it’s still been pretty cloudy. Miss my sunshine.

  9. I leave mine out hoping someone will use it.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You just want a Halloween decoration out side, right.

  11. HA! You silly girl……….


  12. Ha! Super cute.

    I love how Motor Man lovingly teases you! MJ

  13. Hey, I can drive this type too! Fun post! ~ Sheila

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