Random Five Friday

I just love Random Five Fridays. Here are five of my thoughts today:

1.) Thinking of Thanksgiving next week, I wish I could once again taste my Mom’s homemade dressing (we never called it stuffing). It was so good, I’d eat it cold, right out of the fridge.

dianne mom

2.) Tomorrow, I’m planning another antiquing trip with my friends, Donna and Shirley. Donna recently sent me this picture of her kitty, Dreamsicle, perched on the hitching post. She was a feral kitty, and Donna tamed her.

dreamsicle 11-20-2013 7-05-29 AM

3.) Yesterday, my sister, June, and I spent an hour just visiting and chatting. Even though we e-mail each other everyday, it was nice to catch up in person.

june dianne chair-002

Myrtle Beach – a few years ago

4.) I’ve been friends for quite some time with Pam (mom to Sammy, a.k.a. One Spoiled Cat). Earlier this week, Pam, and her husband, Dave, along with Dave’s brother and his wife, visited Williamsburg. Wednesday night, Motor Man and I joined them for dinner at Shields Tavern. Delicious dinner, wonderful atmosphere and great company!

shields sign 11-20-2013 5-07-03 AM

5.) As a fifth-grader on the school playground, I heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Realizing that was 50 years ago today makes me feel my age more than event I can ever recall.

dianne fifth grade

Care to share a random thought or two?

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20 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. What a great group of “randoms” ! I was happy to be one of them with our great trip to Williamsburg and lovely dinner with you and MM at Shields. Thanks again for joining us. Wonderful photos – and I too miss my Mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing….always my favorite part of the feast!


  2. Great random post. Thanks for making a minor celebrity of my big baby Dreamsicle, and I adore your little poodle pin on your 5th grade picture.
    We were talking during antiquing how essential those little pins were growing up.

  3. Bill and I were living in France and were about to have dinner with friends at the NCO Club when the waiter told us about Kennedy. We left immediately, went to a friend’s house and listened to the radio (no TV in France back then).

  4. Loved your Random Five today. They were all special!

  5. Every Thanksgiving I picture my grandmother standing in our kitchen making the stuffing while my mother dressed the bird and got it in the oven, my brother and I were always in the den watching the Macy’s parade. Loved your pictures.

  6. I miss my Mom’s stuffing too! She made it with sausage.. πŸ™‚
    Dreamsicle’s fuzzy face.. awww.

  7. Great random’s! Another perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy each day. Have a blessed weekend!

  8. Thanksgiving is a sad day for me. When Ethan was only a few months old I hurried home from Oregon to PA to be with my daddy. He had cancer and my mom told him I was coming home for Thanksgiving with his new grandson. I got there on time to spend a few days with him. He died on Thanksgiving Day. I gave thanks that day that his suffering was finally over and he got to meet my first baby, Ethan. On a happier note…my mom was never a very good cook (having no sense of smell didn’t help) and her turkeys were always blah. I turned into a pretty good cook and make great stuffed turkeys with all the trimmings. I guess I better go out a buy a big fat juicy one! Happy Turkey Day!

  9. LOVE dreamcicle! so cute! your #1 made me miss my mother – and her homemade stuffing and her German redheaded dumplings and her gravy. *sigh*

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your randoms Dianna. I’m glad you like the concept. I do too. And history has a way of making us realize how old we really are, as much as we choose to ignore it! xo

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We both must have been on the play ground in Dendron, because that’s when I heard about President Kennedy too. Sad day. I love the picture of deamcicle and of you and June. I miss Mommy’s Thanksgiving dinners too. Wish I could share just one more with her.

  12. I think Random Five is a great new idea for TheseDays ! And the picture of the sign at Shield’s Tavern is – awesome – πŸ™‚

  13. Oh I love your random five and your Mom’s dressing sounds wonderful. Time with friends is always the best. B

  14. What a great memory of your mom.
    It’s wonderful that you got quality time with your sister and with friends.
    I was only 7 when JFK was killed but I remember the day vividly. They sent all the kids home and told us to be quiet and hurry home. It was a sad day for sure.


  15. I also forgot to mention that is one gorgeous cat!

  16. I enjoyed the Random Five. You were adorable when you were a kid!

  17. Love Random 5 Friday πŸ™‚


  18. It looks like a lot of us have a fondness for our mother’s dressing/stuffing. Dreamsicle is one pretty kitty. It’s nice to “see” your sister. πŸ™‚ Love your 5th grade photo, and I noticed your poodle pin, too.

  19. Ah, my family always had “dressing” too…never stuffing! And yes, good cold as well as piping hot! Love your random list! ~ Sheila

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