Sundae’s Sunday

Winter weather arrived in our area yesterday. Our high temperature for the day was 43, which doesn’t really sound that bad. But we had strong winds, which made it feel much colder.

Motor Man and I spent a rare (quiet) Sunday at home.

This is how Sundae spent part of the day (on my lap).


It’s tough being a cat.


Right, Sundae?

13 responses to “Sundae’s Sunday

  1. That girl knows how to stay nice and cozy-warm on a chilly Sunday! Way to go Sundae! I did the same thing yesterday and will do that again TODAY I’m sure…..BRRRRRR

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I hope Gypsy-girl had a nice warm blanket to snuggle into at the shop. Did the heat ever get fixed!? Sunday was a perfect day to snuggle with Sundae!!

  3. Looks like a perfect definition of a Sunday, Sundae! 🙂 MJ

  4. Same here. Wet and cold. Yesterday Rick brought me some dry wood from the farm for a fire today.

  5. I was hoping little Gypsy got some snuggles too. I know she did! We stayed in and kept warm too. We never made it above freezing yesterday and I don’t think we will today. Wintry mix predicted. A good book and a couple of good movies.. 🙂 Sundae I am glad you got that lap thing down!

  6. In your lap! Yay! That is so sweet. It was cold–and windy. We had a pajama day.

  7. It sure was a cold one and I’m glad the wind finally stopped! Hattie found the warm spot in the kitchen. It’s where my big fat sweet cat, Buckwheat used to shove his body to stay warm. Between the kitchen cabinet and the floor. Hattie didn’t “fill” the spot like Buckwheat did, but it worked!

  8. Cold here too – yesterday was only in the 20’s. Our kitty Calllie likes to go outside but since the weather has turned wintry, she’s happy to be all snuggled up just like Sundae.

  9. She’s makin’ the most of it !!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, you handled Sunday very well. The weather was made for being in Motor Mommy;s lap. Stay warn this week too.

  11. Sundae looks nice and cozy under the afghan.

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