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These Barns: Colonial Parkway

Sunday, Motor Man and I took his Mom to lunch. For our weekly after-lunch ride, we went to Yorktown, then took the scenic Colonial Parkway to Jamestown.

Along the way, we spotted this pretty “complex”:

barns1 1-5-2014 2-21-44 AM

I was curious about the three crosses on the barn and, later, asked friends about it.  They seemed to recall that this farm may somehow be connected with a local church. Perhaps one of my local readers may have additional information?

barns and trees 1-5-2014 2-22-13 AM

I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the old barn in the background.

barns trees 1-5-2014 2-22-30 AM

Update: thanks to my friend (and faithful reader), Cindy, here’s a newspaper article  about this farm. Thanks, Cindy!

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