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Scary Stormy Saturday

Tornadoes in our area are not unheard of, but they’re rare. I recall a handful of them occuring within a few miles of us over the past several years.

Saturday had been a rainy day, but our weather took a quick turn for the worse around mid-afternoon. I had been watching radar and saw the yellows and reds, indicating heavy rain was heading our way from the west. Motor Man was working at our shop just a few miles away, so I called to warn him about the severe weather.

He came home a short time later. By then, I had turned the tv on to the Weather Channel, and saw tornado warnings for our area. It’s unsettling to hear the names of your county and little town mentioned in that respect on national tv.

One thing made this storm different for us:  shortly after Motor Man came home, we actually heard the rumbling “train” sound associated with a tornado.  Later, when we discovered where the storms hit, we realized that one was only about two (air) miles from us.

And when everything calmed down, we took a ride out to see what damage the storms had done. Most of what we saw was downed trees, but there was also some property damage, including this truck, some knocked down privacy fences, and some trimwork ripped from houses.

tree on truck. 1-11-2014 8-45-08 PM

The weather service determined that two EF-0 tornadoes touched down in our county.

We didn’t want to drive too far down the driveway of this old home. But obviously, it suffered some damage. I’m not sure if anyone lives here.

tornado damage house  1-13-2014 12-38-59 AM

Thankfully, these were fairly small tornadoes, and there were no injuries or fatalities.  But I can’t imagine how scary it must have been for those in the paths of these storms.

And I really don’t care to ever hear that “train” again.

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