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Sundae’s Gift

When we adopted Sundae almost three years ago, all I really wanted was a lap kitty. Sundae “reeled me in” at the Humane Society by immediately curling up in my lap.  Once we got her home, it was obvious that had just been a ploy on her part to have me adopt her.

But in the past couple of months, she has become a lap kitty in the evenings, when I finally make it to the recliner. So, for Christmas, Sundae gifted me with this kitty lap-nap throw.

lap nap throw 1-5-2014 6-13-43 AM

Sundae really likes to be under the throw when she’s in my lap. This blob is actually “undercover” Sundae.

sundae under throw1 12-28-2013 11-54-17 PM

Here’s a rare occasion where Sundae is actually on top of the throw. Now, folks, this is a lap full o’ kitty.

lap full of kitty 12-29-2013 12-50-41 AM

But, wait….what’s this?

sundae in blanket2 12-27-2013 3-46-34 AM 12-27-2013 3-46-34 AM

Why do I get the feeling that Sundae didn’t actually get that blanket for me?


It seems this may have been just another of Sundae’s ploys.

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