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Sundae’s Time Warp

Today’s weather-related post has been pre-empted at Sundae’s request.

Hello, effuryone: Sundae here, pawticipating in my very first ever blog hop! This one is “sponsored” by Mollie and Alfie as well as Easy.  This is a “throwback” type blog hop with photos of ourselves and/or our humans from years past as well as recent pictures.

Since Motor Man was here first, here’s a photo of him as a teenager.


And one taken this past Christmas.

jr 12-24-2013 10-59-45 PM

Here’s one of Motor  Mommy as a little girl (with her sister, Rose). Her recent photo is further along in the post.


One of my step-brofur, Marshall in elementary school:

marshall school pic

And a recent one of him with Motor Mommy and ME:

marshall db sundae 12-25-2013 8-56-32 AM

So that will be my recent photo, too, and here’s one of me as a younger kitty.

sundae in the window 3-24-2011 10-37-31 AM

Yes, I have put on a few pounds: why do you ask?

Sorry if we overloaded you with too many photos today.  Click here to see other entries in the Time Warp Tuesday.

Thanks, Mollie and Alfie and Easy for hosting!

~These Days Of Mine~