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Early Morning From The Bridge

Many times, I’ve written about the James River Bridge (or JRB, for short), that we travel across whenever we go to the “big city”.

The bridge is a little over four miles long, and when it opened to traffic in 1928, it was the longest bridge in the world. As the name suggests, it crosses the James River. In the 1970’s, a new bridge replaced the original one.

Motor Man and I ran an errand in the big city, Newport News, yesterday morning, and I took a series of photos from the bridge. The trees you see to the far right are in our county, Isle of Wight.

sunrise1 1-20-2014 7-28-01 PM

In the background of the next picture are cranes at the Virginia Port Authority in Norfolk. To the left is Newport News Shipbuilding, and in the foreground is one of the many workboats out in the river that morning.

sunrise3 1-20-2014 7-29-09 PM

This picture was taken just before we reached the other side of the bridge, and that’s just a small portion of the shipyard.

sunrise 6 1-20-2014 7-30-39 PM

It was a pretty morning for errands.

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