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Winter Comes To The Beach

Yesterday, Motor Man had to run an errand in Chesapeake, and since Chesapeake is only about an hour from the Outer Banks…well, you probably can guess the rest of the story.

Yes, we rode a little further south.

winter coats 1-22-2014 3-49-37 AM

And we found beautiful horses, wearing warm, wooly winter coats, grazing on snow covered dunes.

2 horses 1-22-2014 3-48-35 AM

Look at those colors!

horse two colors 1-22-2014 3-49-27 AM

Seeing horses actually out ON the beach is always a gamble, but finding them on the dunes is second best.

horse and fence 1-22-2014 4-04-35 AM

As you can see, the Outer Banks had a dusting of snow beginning Tuesday afternoon. The following video was posted on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page yesterday. It’s a good thing the horses are wearing their thick winter coats.

I can’t imagine seeing this in person.

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