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Random Five Friday

Joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random Five Friday.

1.) My friend, Bev, and I were just saying yesterday how ready we are for summer. We’ve had a few days of raw temps and below zero wind chills, so now, it’s time for summer…right?

jrdbbest 7-16-2013 9-59-33 AM

2.) One morning, earlier this week, I glanced out our kitchen window and saw one of the eagles perched in our sycamore tree. The best picture I could get was through a window. Eagles are so skittish!

eagle 1-3-2014 10-49-19 PM

3.) Gypsy’s “picture of the week”. Motor Man took this with his cell phone. Yes, she’s completely in charge of the office and all who enter.


4.) Yesterday morning’s sunrise briefly colored our world in orange and gold and pink.

sunrise2 1-8-2014 7-17-38 PM

5.) I sure am missing these two.  Just two more reasons I’m ready for summer.

bride groom sunset 9-2-2013 7-12-22 PM

And I just bet many of you are dreamin’ of summertime too.

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