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Random Five Friday

Friday again! Random Five again!

1.) Remember last week I mentioned that I was missing Bride and Groom Swans? They must have gotten word, because they were here to visit on Tuesday.

bride and groom 1-14-2014 5-12-34 AM

2.) And the swans weren’t the only wildlife to visit at sunset this week.

boat flag and deer 1-15-2014 4-58-006

3.) It’s been a friend-filled week. Wednesday, I had lunch with two friends, then yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my cousin/friend, Betty, looking over old family letters and newspaper clippings and sharing our memories of loved ones.

clippings 1-16-2014 8-21-27 AM

4.) Folks in our area certainly can’t complain about being bored with the weather. Recently, we’ve had thunderstorms, a tornado, foggy mornings, five snowflakes, cool temps, warm temps and crystal clear days.

sailboat 12-16-2013 4-10-32 AM

5.) Marshall stopped by earlier this week and backed up my photos to an external hard drive. The last time he had done so was about three months ago. Anyone care to guess how many pictures I’d taken in that length of time? I may or may not divulge that information in an upcoming post. It’s embarrassing. (Sorry, Marshall, you aren’t eligible to guess, and no hinting.)

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