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Gypsy’s Journal – Page 1

Hello, it’s Gypsy, and this is the first edition of my journal. Last week, my Motor Mommy “teased” you with this photo:

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

She promised that I would explain to you what Motor Man did after that photo was taken. But, before that, here’s another view:

gypsy hangover2 1-23-2014 7-16-52 PM

As you can see, I had a serious “hangover” issue.  Some of you guessed that Motor Man “dumped” me on the floor after these pictures were taken.

But, no. Motor Man came to my rescue!

hangover fix 1-23-2014 3-22-31 PM

Motor Mommy and I aren’t sure exactly what this is. It’s some gadget/gizmo from an engine. Motor Man used it to make a bracket and wrapped it in 200 mile-per-hour duct tape (it was sharp).

But that wasn’t enough, because then I was “hanging over” the other side….so he had to make a second bracket.

gypsys bed

That man really does love me, and you know what?

gyps and jr 1-21-2014 9-25-39 PM

The feeling is completely mutual.

(We had a significant snowfall last night. Pictures tomorrow!)

~These Days Of Mine~