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Gypsy’s Journal – Page 4

A day in the life of a shop kitty:

Morning meeting.

jr gyps

ID photos.

db taking gyps pic 2-16-2014 10-20-37 PM

Inspection of all incoming visitors.

marshall and gyps 2-18-2014 6-17-20 PM

Explain why you’re so late getting to work…?

db and gypsy 2-16-2014 10-20-25 PM

Break time!

break time 1-18-2014 12-10-53 PM

I wish efurryone had a cushy job like mine.

~These Days Of Mine~

Sunday’s Adventure: Chincoteague

I’ve previously mentioned that Motor Man and I take his mother to lunch on Sundays and then, out for an afternoon adventure. Sometimes he and I plan it ahead of time, but many times, where we go is a surprise, even to me.

Sunday’s adventure was a surprise. We ventured to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, specifically the little waterfront village of Chincoteague. That’s about 140 miles from us, and the trip takes us across the 20-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

On the bridge, as we were approaching the first of two tunnels, we noticed several cargo ships, anchored, waiting to enter the Port of Virginia.  This one, the Santa Paola, was actually underway. The internet tells me that its homeport is Monrovia, Liberia.

container ship best 2-16-2014 1-16-29 PM

As we emerged from the tunnel, I took this picture through the back window of our vehicle as the ship crossed over the tunnel. (Does anyone else find it a little eerie that a ship can be sailing over the road you’re traveling on…?)

cargo ship thru tunnel 2-16-2014 1-19-06 PM

Once we arrived on the Shore, we could see in the distance the Cape Charles lighthouse.

cape charles light 2-16-2014 1-31-38 PM

After driving through the village of Chincoteague, we drove onto Assateague Island. Oysters, anyone? That’s Assateague Light in the background.

oysterman and lighthouse 2-16-2014 3-36-58 PM

Assateague is also home to a herd of approximately 150 ponies. I remember loving the book “Misty of Chincoteague” when I was a little girl. Each summer, the Chincoteague Volunteer Firemen sponsor a pony swim. The ponies ( who live on Assateague) are herded up and moved (swim) from Assateague to Chincoteague, where the foals are auctioned. This link gives more information; it’s an interesting read. The Pony Swim would be amazing to see in person, but the site says tens of thousands of people attend, so I think we’ll pass.

horses 2-16-2014 3-56-24 PM

There’s a beautiful beach on Assateague, and a kind stranger took a picture of the three of us with the Atlantic in the background. As you can see, it couldn’t have been a prettier day for a drive.

jr db mom 2-16-2014 3-48-30 PM

On our way back toward the Bridge Tunnel, we drove through the little town of Cape Charles at sunset. The container ships are still waiting in the distance.

sunset from cape charles 2-16-2014 5-31-14 PM

Motor Man always has something up his sleeve. His Mom and I say that, when you get in the vehicle with him, you never know where you’ll go. But it’s always a fun ride.

~These Days Of Mine~

Sundae Says: How I Spent My Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone: Sundae, here, reporting in on my busy weekend.

How did you like my step-sister, Gypsy’s, glamour  shots last week?  She’s such a pretty little thing. But, I’m sure you’ll agree that THIS is a real glamour gal:

sundaes glamour shot1 2-14-2014 7-17-15 AM

Saturday,  I was escorted to the Valentine Ball by my boycatfriend, Sammy. He’s such a gentleman, and we danced the night away.


After all that pawtying, yesterday was a day to relax. I spent much of it in “seclusion”.

sundae under throw 2-16-2014 7-13-45 AM

And how was YOUR weekend? I hope it was full of love and purrs.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

A wintry Random Five this week:

1.) Motor Man and I took a road trip on Monday to another engine builder’s shop about four hours away in North Carolina. Motor Man needed to pick up some engine parts. But, surprise! The engine builder’s wife knows I like old furniture, so she gave me a couple of things, including this adorable child’s desk. The problem was how to fit it in our truck; we had already loaded some pretty large engine parts.  We the guys finally squeezed everything in (fighting a cold wind and snow flurries). I’ll share pictures once I decide on where we’ll put our new treasures.

the desk 1a 2-11-2014 6-50-43 AM

2.) We’ve had winter weather this week, including a snowy afternoon/evening on Wednesday. Those of you who know us know that we rarely eat at home, but I decided a roast with carrots and potatoes in the crock pot would be a good idea that day. THEN, yesterday, I made peanut butter cookies. Help! I’m becoming Betty Crocker!

roast 2-12-2014 5-14-48 PM

3.)  Some time back, I mentioned that Motor Man and I were planning a getaway this month. A few of you guessed correctly what our plans were. We had planned to go on a steam train ride this weekend in Pennsylvania. The company is called Steam Into History, and the train is a replica of the one President Lincoln rode en route to deliver the Gettysburg Address. For Presidents’ weekend, there were to be costumed interpreters along on the ride. BUT, the area was hit with a massive ice storm last week, resulting in many trees and limbs down on the tracks, so the trip was cancelled. They’re hoping to reschedule at a later date.

4.) Speaking of winter, I am SO ready for toes-in-the-sand weather…

toes in the sand

5.) This is my Valentine’s gift from Motor Man. (That’s Sundae and Gypsy in the heart.)

kitty heart 2-14-2014 6-26-14 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

~These Days Of Mine~

Gypsy’s Journal – Page 3

Hi, friends (and furriends), it’s Gypsy again, and I have lots of news to share with you today.

Earlier this week, I had my own “Glamour Shot” photo session. (Photography by Motor Man.)

gypsy in basket1

I think he captured the real me.

gypsy in basket2

Then, yesterday,  I pretended that Motor Mommy’s legs were a sliding board. (Two things about this picture: that is indeed a clutter corner in the background, and Motor Mommy just had her hand up to her face, laughing. It isn’t what it appears at first glance...)


And, as usual, I spent a lot of time this week in my favorite spot: on Motor Man’s chest. Not only am I a glamour kitty, I’m also a lucky kitty.


And here’s some news about my step-sister, Sundae:  she’s going to the Valentine Ball with her boycatfriend, Sammy this weekend!  I bet she’ll have a post next week… with pictures.

Bye from the Glamour Kitty!

~These Days Of Mine~

It’s All My Fault

We’re staring at our third snowstorm of the winter. That’s very unusual for our area.

And yesterday, as I puttered around the house, I came to the conclusion that I just may be to blame for all this snow.

After all, I do have a snow couple perched on the bread box in the kitchen. (I made those in a ceramics class over 30 years ago.)

bread box 2-11-2014 4-25-51 PM

And these little knit skates on an old hall rack.

skates 2-11-2014 4-24-57 PM

Maybe it’s these snowflake picks in a crock?

snowflake picks 2-11-2014 4-27-17 PM

Or this snow family at the stair landing?

snow family 2-11-2014 4-24-26 PM 2-11-2014 4-24-26 PM

Oh, I know: I bet it’s because I still have the old ice skate and sled by the front door.

skate on sled 2-11-2014 8-50-25 PM

So that’s it; although it’s still February, perhaps it’s time to pack up all the snowflakes, snow people, ice skates and sleds and replace them with springtime decor!

It’s the least I can do….

~These Days Of Mine~

These Barns…In Snow

A couple of years ago, I shared pictures of the barns on the property at Windsor Castle. The manor house there was built in 1725 by Arthur Smith, founder of our town of Smithfield. Click here to see that post.

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I went riding after our first snowfall of the season, and I took this photo of some of those same barns. I added a little “vignette” frame and was pleased with the result.

barns1 1-21-2014 10-02-35 PM

This winter is bringing us more snow than we normally see. Our forecast for tomorrow says we may have 2-4 inches of snow.  Our area has difficulty with any snow at all, but it sure makes for pretty pictures.

Almost everyone I know is ready for spring

~These Days Of Mine~