Daily Archives: June 10, 2014

…Eating Out Of The Palm Of My Hand

No, not Motor Man.  Groom Swan. Last week, I shared this photo:

groom at door 5-13-2014 8-29-29 AM

If he’s around when I’m in the yard, he’s interested in what I’m doing. and follows me around like a puppy.  On this particular day, I had opened the garage door, went back in to do something, and there he was: waiting for me.

Motor Man was in the house, so I called him on my cell phone and had him come take pictures.

db adn groom 5-13-2014 7-49-22 PM

I was trying to get Groom Swan to take bread from my hand. He’s done that a time or two in the past.

db and groom2 5-13-2014 7-50-06 PM

After much coaxing, he did.  But he was so quick about it,  it resulted in a blurred picture.

bread 5-13-2014 7-50-20 PM

We’ll keep practicing.

~These Days Of Mine~