Daily Archives: June 18, 2014

Gemini Gypsy

Monday, while we were celebrating Marshall’s birthday, I remembered someone else has a birthday this week. I think.

When Gypsy adopted us last August, and we took her for her first check-up at the vet’s, they estimated her to be eight weeks old.  That means she was born around the middle of June. I mentioned this to Marshall on Monday, and he immediately said: “Gemini Gypsy”.  A few minutes later, he said that he could imagine that being a song title in a Grateful Dead set list.

Then I started thinking what artists I could envision writing and performing a song titled: “Gemini Gypsy”. Bob Dylan was my first choice, followed closely by Jimmy Buffet.  A couple of my friends have since suggested that we begin working on  lyrics.

Anyway, we had a little birthday celebration for Gypsy yesterday.

bd girl1 6-17-2014 12-49-27 PM

Although not overly impressed, she did pose nicely with her Birthday Girl ribbon.

bd girl2 6-17-2014 12-50-57 PM

So, Happy Birthday “Gypsy, Gyp-Gyp, Gyppie Girl, Gemini Gypsy”. Who knows? One day your new name may just be the inspiration for a song.

~These Days Of Mine~