Daily Archives: June 11, 2014

Faeries At The Seashore

A quiet shoreline, ancient cedars.

cedars1 6-7-2014 10-31-38 AM 6-7-2014 10-31-38 AM

Seashells, even older.

underwater shells1 6-7-2014 10-05-43 AM 6-7-2014 10-05-43 AM

Not a doll, but a garden faerie, brought to the beach by two grown-up little girls.

fairy and the tide 6-7-2014 10-42-54 AM

A faerie bowl – just for her.

fairybowl 6-7-2014 11-02-35 AM

She shares with her friend, faerie Megan, and her two pet swans.

megan fairy and swans 6-7-2014 11-03-39 AM

Even garden faeries like to look for shells.

fairy on the sand 6-7-2014 11-06-17 AM

And dip their toes in the water.

faerie tide 6-7-2014 11-12-38 AM

“We do not stop playing because we grow old;
 we grow old because we stop playing.”

~These Days Of Mine~