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Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five.

sunrise 6-5-2014 6-02-40 AM

1.) Whew! This has been a FULL birthday week: breakfasts, lunches, beachcombing, surprise visits from friends bearing gifts, dinners, family visiting from out of town. Maybe by Monday, I will have rested up enough to blog about it!

2.) I know Facebook isn’t for everyone, but I love how it unites us with our friends. Nearly 100 people sent me birthday wishes on FB. (I realize many of you have lots more FB friends than I do, and 100 may seem a small number to you, but I was pleasantly surprised.)

3.) Groom Swan is acting more like a pet everyday.  Yes, he’s looking for bread, and yes, I fed him. Details and more pics next week.

groom at door 5-13-2014 8-29-29 AM

4.) In response to this post a couple of weeks ago, some of my “inland” readers commented that they weren’t familiar with sea glass.  It’s any piece of glass, worn smooth by the water and found on the shore. When my friend and I went beachcombing this week, I added this piece to my collection.


5.) A dear friend told me this week that my Motor Man is a “gem”.  I’d say she’s an excellent judge of character.

dbjr 6-4-2014 6-14-42 PM

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