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Random Five Friday

Once again, time for five random thoughts on R5F.

1.)  Tuesday evening, my neighbor couldn’t wait to show me these baby birds.  The nest is in a gardenia bush in her front yard.

baby birds 6-24-2014 7-54-58 PM

2.) I had two “frights” this week in our yard. The first was Monday afternoon when something came running toward me as I was walking out of our garage door. My first thought (before I got a good look) was that it was a fox, but it was actually the tiniest fawn I’ve ever seen. It was very similar in size to this one that we saw a few miles away last week.

fawn 6-14-2014 8-25-05 AM

3.) The second fright (my FB friends have already seen this picture) was a snake in one of my flowerbeds. I had placed the spade, the fertilizer and the box of wildflower seeds on the ground, THEN saw the snake. Needless to say, I left everything lying right there. The spade was about ten inches from the snake’s tail.


4.) For those of you who shop at Food Lion Supermarkets, may I make a suggestion? Did you know that you can register your MVP card, so that everytime you use it, a portion of the amount you spend goes to a charity? There are several charities listed, and you choose the one you prefer. May I make another suggestion?  Corolla Wild Horse Fund. It only takes a couple of minutes. Here’s the link:

http://www.foodlion.com/community-outreach/mvp-rewards  (Click on “Register Your MVP Card”.)


stallion sees other horse 6-23-2013 6-56-26 AM

“Thank you for registering your card to help us!”

5.)  This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town. It’s your typical small town festival: street vendors, concerts, classic car shows. This picture was taken back in 1994, during Olden Days. I have no idea who that guy was supposed to be….or who I was supposed to be? I just had fun dressing up.

db olden days 94 6-25-2014 4-50-11 PM.bmp-001

Feel free to share any randomness happening today in your little corner of the world!

~These Days Of Mine~