Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

Adventure, Silly And Fun

We had a fun little adventure with Motor Mum yesterday.

After lunch at Cracker Barrel, which included their current delicious dessert, Butter Pecan Chocolate Cobbler (yes, the three of us split one)…. we made a quick trip to the Outer Banks.

The surf was very rough, and  No Swimming advisories were posted. Thankfully, we hadn’t planned to go swimming. But what a gorgeous day for a drive.

pier and surf 6-1-2014 2-18-20 PM

On our way home, we stopped at a veggie market, and couldn’t resist trying on the straw hats.

jr and mom in hats 6-1-2014 3-44-42 PM

Nice…but aqua is more my color.

db and mom in hats 6-1-2014 3-45-06 PM

Strawberries and tomatoes were bought before we headed home. (Motor Mum just has no idea what lies in store for her during her weekly adventure with us.)

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