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Gypsy’s Elusive Toy

At his shop, Motor Man has a handheld infrared thermometer he uses to check the temperature of the oil pan when he has an engine on the dyno (dynomometer).

Infrared=laser light=kitty toy.

Where is it, Gypsy?

Where is it, Gypsy?

There it is!

gypsy1 6-9-2014 12-07-39 PM

She’s going in!

censored1 6-9-2014 12-05-21 PM

“I….can….almost…reach… it…! But where’d it go??” (Psst, Gypsy, sweetie: it’s on your back.)

stretch 6-9-2014 12-06-08 PM

“Well, I’m just gonna sit right here and wait for it to come back out. ‘Cause one of these days, I WILL get that little red bug.”

bug 6-9-2014 12-07-45 PM

Hope springs eternal, right, Gypsy?

*Programming note: tomorrow, I’ll be a guest over at  Jill Weatherholt’s. I’ll be reblogging that post here, and I’m not sure what time that will go “live”. But stay tuned!

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