Daily Archives: June 17, 2014

All In An Evening

The sky last Tuesday evening proved to be quite interesting.

First, around 7:30, Motor Man spotted this beautiful white cloud over the marina, and I headed outside with the camera.

white cloud 6-10-2014 7-31-23 PM

Further to the west, about 30 minutes later, the setting sun was hidden behind clouds.

further west 6-10-2014 7-55-47 PM

Oh, look who came to watch the sunset with me.

groom 6-10-2014 7-58-53 PM

I think he knows I like taking pictures of him, especially this time of day.

sunset groom 6-10-2014 8-05-29 PM

It’s starting to get dark, Groom; you’d better be going wherever it is that swans go at night.

groom and clouds 6-10-2014 8-06-02 PM

And, finally, this of the sun reflecting in another white cloud; it’s the last picture I took that evening, about an hour after the first one.

pink cloud over marina 6-10-2014 8-29-43 PM

Groom Swan and I certainly enjoyed the show.

~These Days Of  Mine~